Albert Choi rethinks the UI of Pokemon GO for the upcoming Generation 2 release

Pokemon GO Gen 2
Pokemon GO Gen 2

Albert Choi is a 20 year old designer living in Vancouver, and he might just created the best possible UI for Pokemon GO we’ve seen to date. Reddit was always brimming with exciting UI ideas, but rarely were they as creative and as feasible as Choi’s.

Before we dive in to the actual screens, remember that these are fictional UI screens and not affiliated with Niantic in any way or form. But… if you ask us, they should be looking at Choi’s work closely, as it’s really magnificently exciting!

The Johto Pokedex UI

The first UI rendering features two tabs representing the Kanto and Johto Pokedex, in an organised, easy to implement way.

As you can see from the screenshot, Albert’s vision of the Johto Pokedex includes Pokemon from Kanto also. We are not sure why, as even the National Pokedex numbering doesn’t follow the depicted sorting algorithm, but it does look interesting.

A re-imagined footprint tracker and tracking item

A part of the redesign is a redesign of the tracking mechanism for Pokemon on Sightings. Albert envisioned two types of tracking steps:

  • Familiar Poke Tracks and
  • Unidentified Poke Tracks

As per his idea, you know “how steps look like” for Pokemon you already caught or successfully tracked. For others, you need to use an special item called Footprint identifier that helps you track and catch a Pokemon.


We can’t argue – it’s an amazing and interesting idea. The fact that you have a tool and a mini game that helps you catch a Pokemon is just great! Niantic, pay attention!

In his own words:

How It Works: Footprints can be scanned using a new item called the Footprint Identifier. When the footprint is scanned, it will identify the Pokémon and will show the distance and now direction in where the Pokémon is located. If I were Niantic, I would use this feature for more rare Pokémon so it adds a bit of difficulty to the game. Now this is feature isn’t available all the time, you need batteries to activate the Footprint Identifier which is part of a new items class which we will get to in a bit!

Shinny Pokemon depiction

As we all know, Shinny Pokemon are soon going to be a thing in Pokemon GO, as we’ve found traces of them in the code base in the past two APK releases.

Albert went a step further and illustrated what he thinks could be the perfect representation of a Shinny Pokemon profile page. Nice work!

There is even more ideas and designs in his original Medium post, however, some of those ideas are very optimistic. We all know how good old Niantic works, so ideas like Battle Centers and Trade Centers could be years away.

Albert didn’t stop at items at buildings, he went full on to describe detailed encounters with Legendary Pokemon, PokeGear, PvP battles etc.

Here’s a few parting screenshots:

An epic picture showing a Master Ball in use against a Legendary Ho-oh. The colors, the feeling and the depiction is top notch and shows what most players envision when Legendary encounters are mentioned.

A successful trade screen shows how Trading could elegantly work. You lose Stardust, but get Candy, for the Trade service and you exchange your Pokemon for another players Pokemon. The color scheme is perfectly suited for trading and the curvy lines in the background highlight the virtual nature of trading even more.

And in the authors words, the Poke Trainer profile is something completely new:

How it Works: On the left it will show you current stats. To earn a badge, complete the following tasks on the bottom. This feature can go with certain bonuses Niantic has already rolled out. Completing the challenges and receiving a badge will also earn you items and XP! If you click the top right card button, it will show you your Trainer Card. The Trainer Card will be visible to those who you have added in your PokéGear in which we will get to… not to mention Battle Rank!

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