Celebi discovered to be an Incense spawn!

This morning we decoded and data mined the 0.55.0 metadata, reporting our findings on the GO Hub.

Afterwards, we uploaded the decoded file on Github Gists and it’s now open for anyone to data mine, hoping that the wider audience will find something we missed.

This was soon discovered by reddit and they delivered: they discovered that Celebi is planned as an Incense spawn!

Here’s the code in question:


This comes as no surprise, as Celebi is considered a Legendary Pokemon and this code likely hints a future Incense event!

We are very happy to see the community contributing to the shared knowledge and data mining. A redditor commented the following:

Perhaps some of those special incenses found in the code are going to be used for catching legendaries. You get the legendary incense and can pop it when it suits you to catch it.

This is possible, but we have no confirmation to share. If anyone wants to help the data mine, please use the following links:

Good luck and happy mining!

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