In honor of Christmas and Winter festivities, Niantic has released a couple of sweet items and bundles in the Shop. We decided to take a look and analyse what Bundle you should get and what’s in it for your style of play.

Small note before hand on the daily free incubators:


From December 25th to January 3rd, a free 1-use incubator will drop with your daily Pokestop bonus spin. The incubator does not disappear. Daily bonuses reset at midnight local time

What bundle you should get?

There are three bundles currently available in the in game Store, with three other boxes coming out supposedly on December 30th. The new boxes will replace the current selection:

Box Price Contents
Special Box 250 Great Ball (10)
Egg Incubator (2)
Great Box 550 Great Ball (20)
Incense (2)
Egg Incubator (4)
Ultra Box 1500 Incense (25)
Egg Incubator (6)
Ultra Ball (20)
Coming on December 30th
Bronze Box 460 ?
Silver Box 980 ?
Gold Box 2480 ?

Interestingly, each bundle is a good deal in regards to the regular price of the items included, but all of them have very specific audience. Special Box is targeted at lower budget players who care about Incubators. Great Box is a mid tier option that’s essentially 2x Special Box, targeting again players who care about Incubators. Ultra Box is the luxury option that is focused on Incense and essentially gives you 6 Incubators and 20 Ultra Balls for a 250 Coins premium.

One reddit user put it perfectly:

  • Best Value for Incubators: Special Box.
  • Casual Player who travels a lot: Ultra Box.
  • Hardcore Player who travels a lot: Great Box.
  • Most Value IN PRICE combined: Ultra Box.

Is there an optimal strategy for this event?

Yes and no! 🙂 This event is nothing different than any other day in Pokemon GO, but there are some interesting things to note:

  • Gen 2 Pokemon are more likely to hatch during December 25th to January 3rd
  • Starter spawns are increased from December 30th to January 8th – this does not mean they’ll hatch more!

The great guys at GamePress created a handy image that shows all of the dates that are important for this event: