Dragonites regularly spawn near Clefairy nests/clusters/spawns?

Dragonites spawn near Cleafiry Spawns
Dragonites spawn near Cleafiry Spawns

According to /r/TheSilphRoad, multiple players reported catching Dragonites near Clefairy nests and/or habitats. We went on to discover more on the matter.

A player living in Juiz de Fora, Brazil (elevation: 715 m) reported that he caught 6 Dragonites in the last 7 days. Presumably, Clefairy is very common in Juiz de Fora. Another player also confirmed his suburban findings:

“I can confirm. My suburb heavily spawns Clefairy and I’ve found 4 Dragonites here.”

We dug through the Silph Road subreddit and indeed, there are many isolated reports mentioning Clefairy and Dragonite spawning around the same area. However, it is important to note that there is hard evidence to support this claims, except for the now deleted reddit thread called Dragonite:Clefairy spawn analysis.

The thread boasted a large scale analysis of correlation between Dragonite and Clefairy spawn locations and altitudes and showed that there was a connection. Since then, the original poster deleted both the thread and his account, but we were able to scavenge through the comment section and extract relevant info.

Here’s what we found:

  • Analysis of 60,000 data points showed there was a high degree of correlation between Clefairy and Dragonite spawn areas
  • Mostly, Dragonites spawned in elevated areas at the exact same places where Clefaires usually spawn
  • Dragonites spawned less frequently than Clefairy – obviously
  • Multitude of players reported observing the same phenomena
  • Dragonites started spawning after the last Nest migrations

More users have reported seeing the same correlation in the thread comments:

“I can confirm dragonites spawn where clefairys spawn. The only place I’ve seen dragonites is the same place I go to farm clefairys. Here’s the army https://imgur.com/a/KpA0u 2 of these were evolved but the rest all caught at Clefairy area. Doesn’t match your biome type, it’s just a neighborhood but the same type of Pokemon spawn as you say – Barbaric_Emu

“I’ve noticed that as well. The most popular spot for Dragonites to spawn is Browns Island in Richmond VA. Clefairy spawn there very frequently as well. – BorisLevin