Pokémon GO Park Event

Let’s Get Fitz City to Japan!

Hey all, Fitz City here, one of your Pokemon GO Hub writers! I’m currently trying to raise funds to go to Japan for the...

Jurassic World™ Alive – AR Mobile Game – Roaring its way to you this...

This is not a drill! If you had not already heard about it, yes, it is true, every little kid's dream is about to...

Nocturnal Species info graphic is out!

Trainers, just a short update today. A few months ago we researched the existence of Nocturnal Species in GO and found out that there are 14 distinct...

The calm before the storm: predicting the Gym Rework release date

We are now roughly 30 hours away before the Pokémon GO Solstice Event starts, launching the first wave of content updates and restarting the Pokémon GO hype...
Pokemon GO Song

“Pokémon Go Crazy” is the best Pokemon GO Song you’ll hear today!

Hi folks! We came across a great tune by Beano on Youtube, called "Pokémon Go Crazy" and want to share it with you. This catchy Pokemon...
Pokemon Generations Episode 11

Ideas to keep playing Pokemon GO in spite of lack of content

Trainers, we know, we know. There is nothing to do in the game at this point, right? It feels the same over here, and you're...
Pokemon GO Cheats Are Finally Banned

“The rise of my POGO Nemesis”, a story about bots, bans and struggle

We've came across a crazy story that explains how a friendly rivalry can grow into a crazy bot festival to say at least. Originally published...
Pokemon GO PLUS Review

Generation 2 release date speculation: will it save Pokemon GO?

In a time when the decline in player numbers is becoming more and more evident, Pokemon GO is struggling to retain some of it's...

Bittercap.com: no compromise mobile guide site you should follow!

Our friends at Bittercap.com have been hard at work for the past few days to create a web page dedicated completely to mobile game...

What’s next for Pokémon GO?

We've observed some interesting changes and additions to the game in the past month. Niantic has been steadily delivering a crazy mix of features, events...
Niantic US Election Vote

Niantic urges players to Vote in tomorrow’s US Presidential Elections

It seems like the eyes of the world are upon the USA today. Niantic published a blog post titled "It's Time to... Vote!", urging...
Pokemon Halloween Wallpaper

Pokemon Halloween Wallpapers Collection

Hi everyone, nothing special to report today, but we did find some sweet Pokemon themed Halloween wallpapers on reddit, so decided to share here!...

Pokémon Generations Episode 8 is out!

Titled "The Cavern", the new episode kicks off with Team Aqua's leader, Archie, invoking Kyogre to heal the world and return it to the...
History of Pokemon World

Pokémon Genesis: History of the Pokémon world

Genesis In the beginning there was nothing. What would eventually become the Universe consisted of a formless black mass, hovering over an endless plain of...
Mewtwo origin story

Mewtwo Origin Story Uncut

The Uncut Story of Mewtwo's Origin (The Birth of Mewtwo) is a ten-minute anime short added to the beginning of Mewtwo Strikes Back in...

Bots are dead, but for how long?

Pokemon GO Bots are currently a thing of the past. Botting forums like OwnedCore are in complete disarray after the recent activation of additional security measures....
Pokemon GO Nest Migration

Pokemon GO Nest Migration #3 is due tommorow

As we previously reported, Pokemon GO nests change every 23-24 day. The last "nest migration" happened on August 22 and today is the 23rd day since the last...
Pokemon GO Rarity Chart

Pokemongo subreddit is the biggest subreddit in the world

As reported on Upvoted, the official reddit blog, /r/pokemongo is the biggest and most visited subreddit in the world. In a surprising twist of events, /r/pokemongo...
Play Lock

PokeLock giveaway and “Turn Screen Off” update

PokeLock, an app that enables you to run Pokemon while your screen is locked, just got updated with an amazing feature: it completely turns...

Easter Egg: Pikachu jumps on your shoulder after 10 KM!

The amazing researchers on TheSilphRoad have reported that Pikachu starts of as a regular Buddy Pokemon that stands next to you, but after you walk...
Pokewin review

Pokewin review – super simple gym counters

Pokewin is a super simple gym counters web app, originally developed by Shyrioon on /r/pokemongodev. We are so delighted by the simplicity and utilitarian nature of the...
Dragonites spawn near Cleafiry Spawns

Dragonites regularly spawn near Clefairy nests/clusters/spawns?

According to /r/TheSilphRoad, multiple players reported catching Dragonites near Clefairy nests and/or habitats. We went on to discover more on the matter. A player living in...
Operation PokeExplore Announced

Operation PokeExplore Day 1 Summary

Operation PokeExplore is still under way, so let's recap the results of the first day. You can see the real time statistics at any...
Pokemon GO Trading releases in Fall 2016

Pokemon GO Trading System is Coming Fall 2016

Three days ago, we leaked the Buddy system and were thrilled to see players response and reactions. Yesterday, Niantic confirmed it with a peculiar ending...
Make Pokemon GO Great Again

“We are aware of minor game issues and are working on a fix” –...

As you are probably aware, after a long communication breakdown Niantic tweeted again today. Two tweets, one official blog post - amazing? Not really, especially...
PokeSocial - a social network for Pokemon GO trainers

PokeSocial – a social network that connects Pokemon Go trainers

PokeSocial is a social network and chat app that lets you connect with Pokemon Go trainers around the world and be a part of their...
Poke Genie iOS IV Calculator

Poke Genie review – smart IV calculator for iOS

We reviewed Poke Genie after two days of use and we're genuinely impressed. Poke Genie is an iOS only IV calculator that uses screenshots...
Pokemon GO Ideas

Best Pokemon GO Ideas – August 2016

We are starting a new series of articles simply called "Best Pokemon GO Community Ideas". The series is intended to be a monthly roundup...
Operation PokeExplore Announced

Operation PokeExplore Announced

This morning a reddit user called TheFarix posted an incredible idea called Operation PokeExplore on TheSilphRoad, a Pokemon GO research subreddit. The gist of the idea is...
Pokemon GO Bot User Interviewed

Interview With A Cheater: The Bot Chronicles

It's not very often an ex botter wants to open up and speak about his/her experiences with bots. We sat down for coffee with a local...