Easter Egg: Pikachu jumps on your shoulder after 10 KM!

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The amazing researchers on TheSilphRoad have reported that Pikachu starts of as a regular Buddy Pokemon that stands next to you, but after you walk 10 KM with it, it turns into a Shoulder Buddy! 🙂

A sweet addition to the Buddy System indeed, but only Cosmetic. Pikachu doesn’t get stronger, it doesn’t evolve into Raichu and it certainly doesn’t battle a flock of Sparrows. Maybe in the next patch!

Pikachu Easter Egg
Pikachu Easter Egg

Here are some other Easter Egg ideas that are currently in research:

  • Walk every Pokemon to acquire 1 candy for each one (credit: /u/merlinpatt )
  • Walk a certain Pokemon (Helix?) (credit: /u/Xaytsr )
  • Accumulate a certain amount of km (and perhaps with a certain Pokemon?) (credit: /u/MzRed )
  • Walk a Pokemon of each type and acquire one candy for each (credit: /u/virtualvishwam )
  • Finding a Pokémon related to the one you’re walking (credit: /u/zanos119 )
  • Walking overlooked Pokemon, such as Pidgey, Rattata, etc (credit: /u/Crompee01 )
  • Walk all the starter Pokemon and acquire 1 candy for each one
  • Walk Snorlax, Lapras, and Dragonite and acquire 1 candy for each one
  • Walk certain Pokemon in a certain order for one candy each
  • Acquire one candy of every kind available through walking a Pokemon

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