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Pokémon GO Error codes are shorthand identifiers for issues that can happen while playing the game. This page lists known error codes and decodes their meaning, offering potential solutions to a number of them.

A huge shoutout goes to myckol, a reddit user that initially collected the info and shared it with the Hub.

Error code 2

“Network Error”
An error message that is displayed when a number of problems occur. It’s believed to be a generic error displayed after the player tries to enter an already buggy scenario. No fix is known at this moment.

Error code 3

“Something went wrong, Please try again”
Happens when an attempt to buy PokéCoins or exchange coins for items fails.

Fix: Restart the app and perform the transaction again.

Error code 10

“No Internet connectivity”
Phone is unable to access the Internet, either via WiFI or via mobile data.

Fix: Make sure you have an active Internet connection.

Error code 11

“GPS signal not found”
The game is unable to access GPS, almost always caused by forgetting to start location services.

Fix: Turn on Location Services on your device.

Error code 12

“Failed to detect location”
The game lost access to the GPS signal, or you’re in an area where the game is not available. Often happens shortly after starting location services on the phone. Always happens while attempting to play in areas where the game is geo-blocked (eg. China).

Error code 25

A generic error message is shown when you attempt to catch a Pokémon that is already marked as caught by the players GO+ device or has despawned. The issue is fixed upon restarting the app.

Error code 26

Displayed when players are kicked out of a gym combat scenario. Likely caused by delayed server response. Reports indicate lag spikes and large data usage upon clicking on a nearby Pokémon after the error, hinting that a large client-server sync is in progress.

Error code 29

Happens when you leave a gym battle (due to an error or player’s action), but the game doesn’t register that you’re no longer in a gym battle. If you try to rejoin, you will be faced with an error code 29. There is no immediate fix, but the issue disappears after waiting for 10 minutes.

Fix: Wait for 10 minutes before rejoining the battle.

Error code 31

Happens when you try to place a Pokémon in a gym that was taken over recently, but your game hasn’t updated properly. The error fails to place a Pokémon in the Gym and the Gym turns into an opposing team’s colour.

Fix: Reclaim the Gym and place your Pokémon afterwards.

Error code 32

No conclusive evidence on why this happens, but it’s related to loss of GPS signal (‘drifting’) while trying to spin a Gym.

Error code 33

Also known as “can’t get pass the GO text” error. Happens when you are kicked out of a raid on the “GO” screen, just prior to starting a battle. The error is caused by time-sync issues between the app and the game servers. Try resolving this by changing your phone clock to automatic (don’t set it manually).

Fix: Try setting your phone clock to automatic.

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