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Pokémon GO Error codes are shorthand identifiers for issues that can happen while playing the game. This page lists known error codes and decodes their meaning, offering potential solutions to a number of them.

A huge shoutout goes to myckol, a reddit user that initially collected the info and shared it with the Hub.

Error code 2

“Network Error”
An error message that is displayed when a number of problems occur. It’s believed to be a generic error displayed after the player tries to enter an already buggy scenario. No fix is known at this moment.

Error code 3

“Something went wrong, Please try again”
Happens when an attempt to buy PokéCoins or exchange coins for items fails.

Fix: Restart the app and perform the transaction again.

Error code 10

“No Internet connectivity”
Phone is unable to access the Internet, either via WiFI or via mobile data.

Fix: Make sure you have an active Internet connection.

Error code 11

“GPS signal not found”
The game is unable to access GPS, almost always caused by forgetting to start location services.

Fix: Turn on Location Services on your device.

Error code 12

“Failed to detect location”
The game lost access to the GPS signal, or you’re in an area where the game is not available. Often happens shortly after starting location services on the phone. Always happens while attempting to play in areas where the game is geo-blocked (eg. China).

Error code 25

A generic error message is shown when you attempt to catch a Pokémon that is already marked as caught by the players GO+ device or has despawned. The issue is fixed upon restarting the app.

Error code 26

Displayed when players are kicked out of a gym combat scenario. Likely caused by delayed server response. Reports indicate lag spikes and large data usage upon clicking on a nearby Pokémon after the error, hinting that a large client-server sync is in progress.

Error code 29

Happens when you leave a gym battle (due to an error or player’s action), but the game doesn’t register that you’re no longer in a gym battle. If you try to rejoin, you will be faced with an error code 29. There is no immediate fix, but the issue disappears after waiting for 10 minutes.

Fix: Wait for 10 minutes before rejoining the battle.

Error code 31

Happens when you try to place a Pokémon in a gym that was taken over recently, but your game hasn’t updated properly. The error fails to place a Pokémon in the Gym and the Gym turns into an opposing team’s colour.

Fix: Reclaim the Gym and place your Pokémon afterwards.

Error code 32

No conclusive evidence on why this happens, but it’s related to loss of GPS signal (‘drifting’) while trying to spin a Gym.

Error code 33

Also known as “can’t get pass the GO text” error. Happens when you are kicked out of a raid on the “GO” screen, just prior to starting a battle. The error is caused by time-sync issues between the app and the game servers. Try resolving this by changing your phone clock to automatic (don’t set it manually).

Fix: Try setting your phone clock to automatic.

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  1. Had error code 33 yesterday. Always had the clock on automatic. Incredible irritating after beating half the gym. Restarting the app didn’t work.

  2. Pretty sure I waited at least 10 minutes to clear an “Error 29” from a gym and it didn’t work… I was able to spin the stop 2x while waiting. (maybe that was only 6 minutes then?)

  3. Additional fix to error 33.

    1.) Turn your internet connection off when your lobby clock shows between 3-5 seconds remaining.
    2.) Wait until the other players can pass the go text
    3.) Turn internet on. Now there are 2 scenerios
    4.) a) your battle starts properly, good luck!
    4.) b) you are kicked out of the gym. Click on the gym. You will get back to the lobby after a few seconds and you will be able to join the battle (the same way as if your team fainted)

    Tested on 4 devices (other players in my local community).

    Why does this work?

    Error 33 is thrown when your client tries to enter a raid battle which is not started by the server yet and kicks you as a result. By manually killing the connection between the client and server until the raid starts, you simply avoid this scenario.

    Edit 1: minor text fixes

    • Here’s an edit you can add that fixed this Error on everyone I’ve seen do it.
      App “ClockSync” allows you to synchronize your phone’s clock to the Global Atomic Clock (if I’m not mistaken).
      Download it, and MANUALLY synchronize your clock within less than ±1s difference and the problem should be solved.
      After a long period of time, this difference may increase, but it’s just a matter of re-synchronizing the clock.

      P.S.: not advertising, just a solution.

    • Hi there,

      I tried what you suggested and it still didn’t work. Which is strange cos I did 2 solo raids on Saturday with no issue but I tried another solo today and went in 5 times only to be booted out as soon as the Go disappears.

      Any advice?


  4. Error 33:
    That fix is not for everyone. I need to set the clock manually because the automatic phone clock don’t work properly.

  5. If this were any other game on the app store, it would’ve been yanked and taken off until all the bugs are fixed. You look at other games like Clash of Clans, they do not have the kind of bugs, game crashes, and imbalances. Even during the launch of the game it was not as buggy and battery intensive as PGO. All Niantic needs to do is cache the GPS data when battling Pokemon or Raids instead of this constant battery drain hot potato.

  6. Code 25 “Error” will also pop up if you didn’t catch a pokemon manually or using the GO+. It will often occur if the game is having issues loading the Nearby List when your GPS is transitioning or there’s network connection trouble.

    Example 1: You have the game open (with or without a GO+ active) and your screen times out or you locked your screen intentionally. When you unlock it even with GO+ active your list will take a moment to populate and the gps will also take a moment to get it’s bearings. During this time sometimes spawns will work and if you click a spawn before everything is in working order it will error and despawn.

    Example 2: If you had the app open (with/without GO+ active) and your screen locks after the game recognizes one or more nearby spawns and you later unlock the screen or the game never recognizes the time out and keeps the spawn up even though your screen didn’t lock. If a spawn has already timed out it may still be considered as active briefly as your list populates, the gps figures out where you are ect. You click the spawn (which is technically no longer available) and it errors. There are other times this can pop up.

    Code 11 can pop up even if your location is working and you are in a playable area. Sometimes the game just takes a dump on the users and decides it doesn’t want to work.

  7. ” “Something went wrong, Please try again” Happens when an attempt to buy PokéCoins or exchange coins for items fails.”

    First verify that what you bought has not been added to your account before you try it again. In my case it added the items regardless of the error message, and it may not update the correct number of coins until a restart.

    • i hate this error code cuz most of the time, you’ve actually bought the item and it just hasn’t registered yet. When it first happened, I was buying 8 lures and ended up buying 40 cuz I kept hitting the exchange button, not realizing that I kept buying the lures despite the error code.Wasted all my coin that day on lures. 🙁

  8. Got error 2 and error 29 while battling a gym I just raided at. Closed the app multiple times and even reboot my phone. It let me play for moments, so I could beat almost all the defending mons, but just when I was going for the last one, again both errors appeared.

  9. I experienced error 29 in this way:
    There were 6 Pokémon in the gym. #5 was a Ditto. I defeated #1 to #4 first, and left the battle. Then, when Ditto was #1, I tried to battle it with my weakest Pokémon. Error 29 multiple times. Tried to restart. Same error. Tried another restart, and another weak Pokémon. Same error. Tried a little stronger Pokémon. Was able to battle.

    My hypothesis, in this case, is that the Ditto tried to turn into a Pokémon with less than 10 CP or HP, thus causing the error.

    Anyone who can prove me wrong, or add evidence?

  10. The solution to the shop, error 3, simply doesn’t work. I’ve been trying for a few days to buy 5200 coins and it NEVER works, no matter how many times I restart the app OR the phone. Game just has far too many bugs for a billion dollar product.

  11. Error 29 when trying to battle my local gyms. normally happens to me after the first or second battle, and there is still more pokemon to battle to complete taking down the Gym. should update discrption on the error page

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