Halloween 2017 Event Box: sale, pricing and contents

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Halloween 2017 Event Box is a great opportunity to stock up on discounted Raid Passes and Super Incubators. This page describes and break downs the Halloween Event box sale: box contents, discounts and targeted demographic.

For the purpose of this analysis, we are treating Super Incubators as normal Incubators, at least price wise – 150 Coin per Incubator.

Halloween Box Sale analysis

The following table shows contents of each box and how much discount you’re getting for each of them. Each Box has a very specific targeted player demographic, but you’re getting the almost the same discount for each of them – around 50%.

Halloween 2017 Box Sale
Special Box Great Box Ultra Box
Incense x5 x7 x12
Premium Raid Pass x6 x3 x6
Super Incubator x4 x6
Lucky Egg x6
Bonus x10 Pinap x10 Razz
Price 480 780 1480
Total value 1000 1460 2940
Discount (%) 52% 46.5% 49.6%

Detailed Halloween sale analysis

As we already mentioned, each of the boxes has a fairly narrow player demographic, but there is no clear winner or looser price wise – it’s all about player preference.

The Special box is targeted at Raiders and farmers, offering six Raid Passes for 480 Coins. Six Raid Passes cost 600 Coins, which means you’re paying less to Raid while getting some Incense and Pinap Berries along the way. A clear winner for Raiders, but unfortunately, you do not get any Super Incubators in it.

The Great box is a semi-social player’s dream come true. You get a hefty amount of Incense and Super Incubators for your solo play, while still getting a few discounted Raid Passes. We’ve also noticed that the Halloween Great Box is 200 coins cheaper than the Equinox Event Great Box – nice!

The Ultra Box is targeted at hardcore players. Although expensive, you are still paying 50% less than purchasing these items individually, which in our eyes makes it worth it. You are getting a mix of all the items you would eventually buy in the in-game store anyway.

Shareable Halloween sale chart

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