How to evolve Umbreon and Espeon using Night and Day in Pokémon GO


we’ve been collecting data and testing several Eevee-lution theories for the past few days. Today, we’ll be presenting the results of our research and explaining how Night/Day Eevee evolutions work.

Research Summary and Results

There are two ways to obtain Umbreon and Espeon: by using the one time name trick or by evolving your Eevee under special circumstances. The latter can be used multiple times with the same result, unlike the Sakura/Tamao naming trick.

You can evolve any number of Eevees into Umbreon and Espeon, if they satisfy the following criteria:

  • The Eevee must have 10 KMs walked and 2 Candy collected as your Buddy
  • The Eevee must be set as your current Buddy during evolution
  • Evolving such Eevee at night will yield Umbreon DARK
  • Evolving such Eevee during day will yield Espeon PSYCHIC

How this research was conducted

Fortunately, the GO Hub has access to two very engaged and active player communities: our local community in Split (Croatia) and the global readership community, with a special shoutout to readers and researchers from Leipzig, Germany.

During the past 3 days, we’ve managed to get 23 Eevees up to 10KM of walked distance as Poké Buddies. Our initial hypothesis was that in order to obtain Umbreon or Espeon, you need to increase your “friendship” level with an Eevee.

Remembering how “shoulder Buddy Pikachu” was based on collected Candy and not actual distance, we made sure to keep 3 of those Eevees with 10KMs walked and only 1 Candy collected.

Here’s the result of our testing:

Description Conditions Results
Time of day Walked 10KM Collected 2 Candy Buddy while evolving Repeated Result
Targeting Umbreon evolution Night Yes Yes Yes 5 5xUmbreon
Targeting Espeon evolution Day Yes Yes Yes 7 7xEspeon
Testing Candy requirement Umbreon Night Yes No Yes 1 Jolteon
Testing Candy requirement Espeon Day Yes No Yes 2 Flareon
Testing “Set as Buddy” criteria Umbreon Night Yes Yes No 2 Flareon
Testing “Set as Buddy” criteria Espeon Day Yes Yes No 4 Jolteon
Testing chance of random evolution Day No No No 6 2xJolteon


After observing the results, we’re glad to report that Niantic did transfer the “Friendship” aspect from the core series when evolving Eevee.

Although we did not manage to evolve Eevee randomly into Umbreon or Espeon, it is still too early to say it’s impossible. This research was solely focused on properly understanding Umbreon and Espeon evolution mechanics and requirements with Buddy distance, Candy and time of day.

Happy hunting!

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