A reddit user called nmitch3ll created an online tool to help us find nests and spawns in your area. The tool highlights possible nests and spawns on a map of your local area.

Here’s the link: online tool for finding possible nests and spawns. Just zoom in to your local area and click “Run” in the top left corner.

A quick explanation

Pokemon GO spawns are usually encounter at certain areas that correlate with Open Street Map data. Our initial research showed that Nests also correlate with certain OSM (Open Street Map) areas. These areas are marked on Open Street Map as:

  • Parks
  • Recreation Grounds
  • Golf courses
  • Meadow
  • Grass

The tool highlights those areas around your location and draws circles depicting possible spawns and nests. We found it quite handy due to fast performance and easy to use.

Our experience – can it find nests?

We used to tool quite a few times today and it proved useful. Although we haven’t found any new Nests, we did find 1 new High Frequency Spawn area and we confirmed 3 other areas that we previously believed to be spawns.

Overall, the tool works as intended, but it does not guarantee that a spawn/nest is at a highlighted area. However, it’s still a good indication on where a spawn/nest could be.

Please be aware that spawns can be encountered also elsewhere, but so far, mostly they are encountered in parks and recreation areas.

How it works?

The author uses Overpass Turbo, an online tool to query and highlight points on Open Street Map.

You can write your own queries on Overpass, and this specific query is not magical in any sense: it just highlights certain types of landmass on OSM.

Here’s the full query if you need it for anything:

// gather results
  //rec ground leisure
  //rec_ground landuse



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