Generation 2 release date speculation: will it save Pokemon GO?

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In a time when the decline in player numbers is becoming more and more evident, Pokemon GO is struggling to retain some of it’s initial charm. Admittedly, the recent Ban Wave and anti-tracking measures did not help it either.

So, what’s the deal? Is this it, or a potentially soon release of Generation 2 can reinvigorate Trainers worldwide?

Generation II is a MUST HAVE

Do as a favor and swing by any of the official Pokemon GO social profiles. The only thing you can see is an immense number of comments, tweets and replies saying the same thing, no matter what the original post is about:

“omg Niantic wtf give us Generation II, this is cool and all, but we need Gen 2!”

The community has spoken, pretty loud and clear: we want Gen II and we want it soon. 

From a business perspective, the release of Generation II needs to coincide with at least one backing event or sale that will push forward earnings in that period. Niantic is probably hard at work planning and measuring the potential revenue they can gather during Valentines or Spring Break.

We already know that a majority of Generation II is in the app code, bundled together with Shinnies and Genders. We’ve already observed female Pikachu and Raichu in the wild, which could indicate that a test is in progress right in front of our eyes.

We are going to speculate a bit here, but if you ask us, this schedule could be a reasonable guess for the future releases of Pokemon GO:

  • Pokemon Genders release around Valentine’s Day
  • Shinnies become available soon after that (March)
  • Generation II releases in April
    • Coincides with Spring coming on the Northern hemisphere and Autumn on the Southern Hemisphere
    • Potential Store event: Spring cleaning
  • Pokemon GO skyrockets back to the top of App stores on the wings of Genders, Shinnies and Gen II release

What do you think? Will Generation II save Pokemon GO? Will it release in April? Share your comments below! 🙂

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