we know, we know. There is nothing to do in the game at this point, right? It feels the same over here, and you’re not alone! Nick from TrainerTips, TheSilphRoad, everyone is down and waiting for the next content update.

So, what can we do to improve the waiting experience? Albeit, it’s not a lot, here’s a few tips on that!

1. Watch old Pokemon movies!

Check this out! MewTwo’s origin story, taken from the beginning of “Mewtwo Strikes Back” is an amazing introduction to end of Generation I. Remember, the movie was released in November of 1999, so it’s the older breed of anime goodness.

You can see the entire list of Pokemon movies on Wikipedia, make your pick and enjoy the rest.

And for the love of everything, please stay away from speculation about MewTwo coming out on 6th of February. The speculation in question is taken from Pokemon Mansion notes about Mew and Mewtwo:

Diary: July 5
Guyana, South America
A new Pokémon was discovered deep in the jungle.

Diary: July 10
We christened the newly discovered Pokémon, Mew.

Diary: Feb. 6
Mew gave birth.
We named the newborn Mewtwo.

Diary: Sept. 1
MEWTWO is far too powerful.
We have failed to curb its vicious

2. Make a virtual challenge!

Virtual challenges are popular tools to keep you motivated and running. We’ll be honest: we often make these challenges for ourselves in order to keep playing! You can use MyVirtualMission or any other tool at your disposal to do so. So, ready to challenge yourself for a 30 miles walk this week? 🙂

3. Watch Pokemon Generations!

Pokemon Generations is a animated YouTube miniseries that shows best moments from all previous Pokemon anime seasons.

It’s a must watch for every Pokemon fan and with 18 episodes it’s an amazing thing to do on a Sunday afternoon.

4. Enjoy Fand Made Pokemon creations!

The internet is a wonderful place. Places like /r/pokemon and internet forums are brimming with ideas, people who like and care about Pokemon.

Join the community and enjoy! For example, here’s a type swap of Generation I starters 🙂

And here’s a crazy Minecraft Pokemon map. It’s amazing!

  • AKhil Louis

    We all love pokémon go . Maybe you’re are trying to make things perfect but you must need understand one thing (Don’t makes players bored)

  • Harry Wetzel

    Just collect your daily bonus and max daily coins from gyms

  • Russ

    They need to figure out a decent roadmap. Gen 2 should have been released a few months ago and the fact that it still hasn’t been is ridiculous! Aside from that the game just needs more damn features too.

    • Antonio Pavlinovic