we’ve came across a wonderfully clever theory on the rarity of Unown spawns, written by Necr0maNc3R, a fellow trainer on TheSilphRoad subreddit. Necro’s theory is rather simple, but very clever, as it ties into the original anime and main series games.

As per Necro, Unown spawns should significantly increase during legendary Pokémon events. We wholeheartedly agree, as Unown have always been connected with Legendary Pokémon and mystery in the Pokémon world.

Consider the following:

  • If there is ever an Entei event, it MUST be connected with Unown, as Entei was basically summoned by Unown in the third Pokémon movie Spell of the Unown: Entei
  • Multiple Unown appear in The Rise of Darkrai in connection to Dialga and Palkia
  • Unown appear every time when there is a bending of dimensions in the Pokémon world

The Unown are currently too difficult to catch, even for the hardcore players out there. A previous analysis showed that it would take 100 successful wild encounters to collect all 26 forms.

Our research showed that Unown is the rarest Pokémon specie out there, with only 1 encounter in 6,000,000 recorded spawns. That is just insanely rare!

Necro argued that this was Niantic’s intention:

Was this Niantic’s intention? tho create an achievement so difficult that you would have to eat, sleep, and breathe Pokemon GO in order to have any hope of completing it without cheating? I don’t think so.

Evidently, Niantic has a lot of tricks up their sleeve with Generation II, so an Unown mini event/game connected to a Legendary event seems very, very likely.

What do you think Trainers? Is Niantic preparing something special, or they’ve just forgot about Unown?