Hey trainers!

We’d like to take this time to introduce our newly built and deployed Catch chance calculator. It’s a shiny new piece of tech that helps you understand what chance you have at catching a certain Pokemon.

Let’s get technical a bit. The calculator uses the GUCT formula discovered by researchers at Gamepress. GUCT stands for Grand Unified Catch Theory and it encompasses everything we know about catching mechanics in Pokemon GO.

Catch bonus calculator

As you may read elsewhere, Pokemon GO catching bonuses like Curveball, Throws, different kind of balls and medals, have a lot of influence while catching.

Fundamentally, they grant you a percentage chance to throw a second hidden Poke ball at your target. We managed to devise a formula that converts that chance in a flat increase, which is more understandable for many players.

Our calculator is the prime example of this formula, showing off how various throw and medal bonuses increase the chance to catch a Pokemon.

This is the example output you can get from the calculator:

Poke Ball 18.44% 18.76% 19.48% 20.16%
Great Ball 19.48% 19.92% 20.87% 21.72%
Ultra Ball 20.43% 20.95% 22.06% 23.03%

You can use the calculator to check how likely you are to catch a Pokemon at your Level. We have some nifty configuration options also:

  • Activate Curveball
  • Use Berry
  • Set Medal Bonus

Obviously we are very excited to show you this tool.

There were previous attempts at building a Catch calculator, namely at PokeAssistant and similar sites, but this is the first Catch chance calculator that uses the correct formulas and probability.

Happy exploration, let us know if you found any bugs on our official Facebook or Twitter!