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You’ve been Thunderstruck

With the advent of moves like Volt Switch ELECTRIC and the addition of a stamina heavy Electric Sheeps, the current runs high again. Ampharos is the prime example of this brave new world, where your Vaporeon has something to fear.

Ampharos is the new ELECTRIC king, performing far better and far more consistently than Magneton or Jolteon. However, with Mareep being a 10KM Egg Hatch, it’s quite a rare sight to see a good Ampharos out there.

Mareep, Flaaffy and Ampharos Max CP and Stats

Comparing to Jolteon, Ampharos is a lot beefier, with hefty 180 STA compared to Jolteon’s 130 STA. That’s about 30% more Health when comparing Jolteon and Ampharos on the same Pokémon level.

Although Ampharos ATK stat is 10% lower than Jolteon’s, the overall better stat distribution makes Ampharos deal more damage and survive longer in Gym fights.

# Sprite Name MAX CP ATK STA DEF Total
179 Mareep
887 114 110 25 306
180 Flaaffy
1402 145 140 34 397
181 Ampharos
2695 211 180 52 563

Ampharos Best Moves and movesets

Before we highlight it’s best moves, it’s important to know that Ampharos performs best in Gym defense. Due to it’s high STA, bulky DEF and access to rather slow assortment of Quick Moves, it’s always preferable to defend with Ampharos.

With that being said, the best defensive move set for a defending Ampharos is Volt Switch ELECTRIC / Focus Blast FIGHTING, as it counters more attackers than a moveset with double ELECTRIC typing. For offense, we’d suggest going with the highest DPS moveset with appropriate counter typing for the Pokémon in the Gym.


Move Type Power DPS STAB DPS
Thunder shockELECTRIC ThunderboltELECTRIC 5/80 20.15 25.20
TackleNORMAL ThunderboltELECTRIC 5/80 21.00 25.00
Thunder shockELECTRIC DischargeELECTRIC 5/65 17.15 21.45
TackleNORMAL DischargeELECTRIC 5/65 18.00 21.25
Thunder shockELECTRIC Body slamNORMAL 5/50 17.30 18.35
TackleNORMAL Body slamNORMAL 5/50 18.15 18.15

Move Type Power DPS STAB DPS
TackleNORMAL ThunderboltELECTRIC 5/80 21.00 25.00
Charge beamELECTRIC ThunderboltELECTRIC 8/80 19.65 24.55
TackleNORMAL DischargeELECTRIC 5/65 18.00 21.25
Charge beamELECTRIC DischargeELECTRIC 8/65 16.65 20.80
TackleNORMAL Power gemROCK 5/80 18.80 18.80
Charge beamELECTRIC Power gemROCK 8/80 17.45 18.35

Move Type Power DPS STAB DPS
Volt switchELECTRIC ThunderELECTRIC 20/100 25.20 31.50
Charge beamELECTRIC ThunderELECTRIC 8/100 24.50 30.60
Volt switchELECTRIC Zap cannonELECTRIC 20/140 23.25 29.10
Charge beamELECTRIC Zap cannonELECTRIC 8/140 22.55 28.20
Volt switchELECTRIC Focus blastFIGHTING 20/140 24.35 25.45
Charge beamELECTRIC Focus blastFIGHTING 8/140 23.65 24.55

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