Pinap Berry in Pokemon GO: “The power of Pinap!”

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With the introduction of the Pinap Berry comes a whole new way to play the game. Pinap Berry in Pokemon GO was pivotal addition that changeds how you plan and approavh your encounters against certain Pokémon.

Pinap berry effect in Pokemon GO

Feeding a Pinap Berry to the Pokémon you are trying to catch will double the candy that you get from the Pokémon. This makes evolving Pokémon a lot easier and powering them up, but you must make sacrifices to do so.

Pinap Berry limitation

Currently, you can have only 1 Berry active during the encounter. As you can’t double up on berries, you are not able to use Pinap Berries in combination with Razz Berry (makes the Pokémon easier to catch)or Nanab Berry (makes the Pokémon less erratic).

However, even with that limitation in mind, Pinap berry is still one of the strongest item additions in Generation II.

Amount of Candy Earned With & Without Pinap

Below is a chart showing the benefits of using a Pinap Berry. Remember that Pinap Berry scales with the evolution level of the encountered Pokemon.

Evolution stage Normal Candy Candy With Pinap
1st 3 6
2nd 5 10
3rd 10 20

As 2nd and 3rd evolution stages yield large amounts of Candy, Pinap Berry introduced us to a new world of risk and reward. Are you willing to risk the Pokemon fleeing in order to have a chance to gain 20 Candy?

It’s always and interesting decision, so let’s dive into it a bit.

When to use Pinap Berry?

In order to make things easier, we created a flowchart of questions that you can answer if you’re unsure whether to use or not to use Pinap.

Have you already caught that Pokémon Specie?

If it’s a Pokémon you have never caught (or seen) then skip Pinap and go straight for that Razz + Ultra Ball combo!

What is the Pokémon’s CP?

If the Pokémon has low CP, than you won’t have problems catching it. This is the ideal to use a Pinap Berrry. However, if it has high CP don’t expect to catch it on your first throw.

What color is Capture Circle around the Pokémon?

This is a great indicator on how hard the Pokémon will be to catch. If it’s Green or Yellow go for the Pinap Berry and Ultra Ball. If it’s Orange, then be a little bit more cautious.

If you see Red then… well, good luck to you then. I would stray away from Pinaping any Red Circle Pokémon and use a Razz Berry.

Is it the Third Evolution and have you caught it?

If you have yet to catch the third evolution, then go ahead and use a Razz Berry and Ultra Ball, but if you’ve caught it then how can you pass up the 20 candies? Use that Pinap and reap the rewards!


Pinap Berries are meant to be used to grind quicker to your goal and ultimately evolve or power up your Pokémon a lot! Niantic created this item perfectly balanced, both from drop rate perspective and from benefits perspective.

Berry Drops Chance to drop
Razz Berry 1810 7.64%
Nanab Berry 833 3.51%
Pinap Berry 752 3.17%

You can read more on Berry Drops and drop percentages here.

Enjoy! ?

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