PokéCoin Farming Guide in patch 0.67.1: “Turnover Farm”

PokéCoin Farming Guide
PokéCoin Farming Guide

0.67.1 brought a plethora of changes for PokéCoin farmers, seasoned Gym rats and casual players alike. With new type effectivenesses and the new Gym Battle system, defending Gyms is much easier than attacking them, especially in rural areas.

This guide details good Coin farming and Gym control methods, with focus on maximizing Coin gain and reducing Time/Berries required to maintain Gyms. Read our PokéCoins after the Gym Update guide before using this Guide.As you’re probably aware by now, the amount of Coins that a Defending Pokémon brings based is based only on time it was defending the gym. However, due to Coin gain limits (100 per day, 700 per week), it’s possible to lose a huge amount of potentially earned Coins if all of your Defenders get knocked out in the same day.


Additionally, you do not receive Coins until your Pokémon get defeated. With that in mind, we’ve devised a strategy called “Turnover Farm”. The expected coin gain of this strategy is 32-45 coins every 4 hours.

Turnover Farm

Turnover Farm is centered around Gyms that often change the controlling Team, utilising their distance and defending line up as mechanisms of generating Coins and extending defending time. This strategy doesn’t expect you to heal your Pokémon often and is best performed with a partner.

The idea of the strategy is to maximise number of Gyms, not duration, and to often receive smaller amounts of coins.

TIP: It’s very important not to share the location of your Pokémon with the opposing team. You want to remain hidden as long as possible, while inflicting maximum damage to attackers.

How it works

Turnover Farm starts with picking out 8+ Gyms with at least 500-700 meters between them. The distance slows down the rate at which you lose Gyms, induces physical fatigue for attackers and increases the likelihood that the attack will stop before they re-take all of your Gyms.

You benefit from high number of Gyms, not duration, as we expect your Pokémon to amass between 3 and 6 hours of defending time.

For best performance, we recommend having several Tier 2.5 Defenders from our: Gym Defense: 6 Biggest Winners and Losers after the Gym Rework Update

How to use

  • Select 8+ Gyms that are at least 500 – 700 meters apart
    • If there are multiple Gyms clustered at close proximity, pick one as your main, the others are support
  • Deploy only Pokémon with High HP + SE/2xSE benefits over common attackers:
  • Deploy, deploy, deploy
    • Try to deploy as late as possible, 23:00 onwards is perfect, as your defenders will last at least 8 hours
    • When your defenders return, find another set of Gyms and rinse and repeat
  • You can also create several Turnover Routes