Gym Defense: 6 Biggest Winners and Losers after the Gym Rework Update

Gym Battles Update

With the introduction of 0.67.1 update, we’ve seen two major changes to Pokemon GO damage mechanics, which subsequently lead to a huge shakeup in the gym meta game:

Bonus Old New
STAB 125% 120%
Super Effective 125% 140%
2x Super Effective 156.25% 196%
Not Very Effective 80% 71.4%
2x Not Very Effective 64% 51%

Evidently, STAB was nerfed in order to make Pokemon with varied movesets more appealing, and Type Effectiveness was brought back into line with main series games to promote Pokemon’s typical “rock-paper-scissor” type of battle.

With this in mind, it’s important to know which Pokemon won and which Pokemon lost with this change. This page documents the biggest shake ups below.

Let’s get started!

Biggest losers: double weakness is a double problem

Some of the previous top Gym defenders have now become trivial to counter, due to their double weaknesses to specific types. If you multiply the bonuses in your head, a Pokemon that benefits from STAB and attacks with a 2x Super Effective move, deals 235.2% more damage. Get your Jolteon ready!

Pokemon 2x weak to Counters
Tyranitar fighting
Gyarados electric
Dragonite ice
Rhydon &
Omastar & Kabutops grass
Exeggutor bug

The new Top 6 defenders

And now for the biggest winners of this shake up. In terms of Gym defense, some things have changed, bringing things more inline. Blissey and Snorlax are still top defenders, as they don’t suffer a lot from these changes, but the other 4 places are quite surprising.

Steelix, Umbreon (!), Lapras and Vaporeon have now taken the remaining top places due to their high stamina/defense, lack of double weakness and interesting movesets. We consider them to be the biggest overall winners in this shake up, at least in terms of Gym defense.

These rankings are based on work done by a Reddit user/theory-crafter deurbell, and later on confirmed using the GO Hub simulator (sim tool is not yet public, it’s coming soon 😉 ).

Tier Name Fast Move Charge Move
1 Blissey Zen Headbutt Dazzling Gleam
2 Snorlax Zen Headbutt Body Slam
2.5 Steelix Iron Tail Heavy Slam
2.5 Umbreon Snarl Foul Play
2.5 Lapras Ice Shard Ice Beam
2.5 Vaporeon Water Gun Hydro Pump

More Pokemon have ascended the higher ranks also, making the gym defense meta very interesting. Finally, that 100% IV Tentacruel is not completely useless!

Best post Gym Rework tanks infographics

Credits to deurbell