PokeLock giveaway and “Turn Screen Off” update

Play Lock
Play Lock

PokeLock, an app that enables you to run Pokemon while your screen is locked, just got updated with an amazing feature: it completely turns off your smartphone screen while it is PokeLocked in your pocket. Also, we’re giving away 100 keys for the payed version of the app. Read more below.

PokeLock is the first app that actually TURNS OFF your screen while the game is running in the background!

What makes PokeLock stand out even more among the similar apps, is the fact it is able to actually turn off your smartphone screen while playing Pokemon GO. This means better battery life and usage, less heating and finally, the ability to run and play Pokemon GO.

If our memory serves us right, this is the first app on Android that is able to run Pokemon GO in the background and turn off the screen completely. We tested it with our One Plus One device and it looks and works great.

We were already delighted by the previous version of PokeLock – the new update just brings more of that good stuff. The app uses a proximity sensor to turn off the screen while your phone is in your pocket.

PokeLock Unlimited Giveaway

Our friends at PokeLock hooked us up with 100 keys for their Unlimited version of the app. You can get your key here, but be fast, as supplies are limited: