the Pokémon Day celebration event is live and you now have the opportunity to catch a special party version of Pikachu. The special version has no special moves or stats, as it’s only a “costume variant” wearing a birthday party hat. The event lasts until 13:00 PST time on March 6!

Image credits: reddit (Apdokern)

Surprisingly, Raichu that evolves from a Party Pikachu, continues to wear the party hat. Wild Raichu encounters don’t have the party hat, so it’s only possible to get a Party Raichu by evolving a Party Pikachu.

Image credits: reddit (pinky117)

There is a number of events taking place in the worldwide Pokémon community, both online and offline, and we’re highlighting a few here that we’ll be enjoying today:

  • Head to for an all-day celebration of Pokémon competitions, showing many of the most memorable matches from the Pokémon TCG, video games, and Pokkén Tournament from the past several years. See your favorite players from around the globe as we broadcast epic Championship battles, including some from recent Pokémon World Championships.
  • Starting on Pokémon Day, revisit some of the best big-screen moments of Ash and his friends with a movie marathon on Pokémon TV. For a limited time, watch the original classic Pokémon: The First Movie, as well as Pokémon 4Ever and Pokémon—Zoroark: Master of Illusions in their entirety. Remember that you can watch Pokémon TV on and on the Pokémon TV mobile apps.


  • arik100

    pretty fail event in my opinion

    • yong. zheng

      +1 totally useless

    • Paranormal

      Last “event” i got two week Chanseys, no Porygon and bullshit from eggs after god knows how many km walked. For this “event” walked some 15 km in two days – 0 pikachu

  • Have not seen one not even in the nearby tracker and it has been more two and half days already.

  • Amy Wessel

    They have changed the party pikachus spawn rate so they occur more often. Ive already caught 6 ? it won’t be as good as last years because last year was the 20th anniversary.

  • trading is coming. a couple years from now, pikachu in his santa hat, party hat, and whatever other hats he ends up getting will be highly demanded because everyone will want a full pikachu collection. Santa hats were pretty common, they’ll be worth $50+ party hats are rarer and a shorter event. probably $80-$100 each in trade value in a couple years.