Pokémon Generations Episode 8 is out!

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Titled “The Cavern”, the new episode kicks off with Team Aqua’s leader, Archie, invoking Kyogre to heal the world and return it to the ways it was before. Archie is warned that awakening Kyogre may result in a world that is not as the on he imagines, but he still proceeds to awake him and so Primal Kyogre is created.

Primal Kyogre goes on to create a huge storm, with twisters, rain and thunders raging all across the region. Team Aqua soon realises that Primal Kyogre will not heal the world, but that he will sink the entire world to the bottom of the ocean. Archie tries to call off Primal Kyogre and control it, but the episode ends with Kyogre attacking their submarine.

The episode is quite dynamic, a lot more action than in the last installment of the series. Pokémon Generations is an animated miniseries showcasing some of the most memorable moments from each generation of core Pokémon games. This episode is episode 8 out 18 planned to air, with the last one planned for December 23, 2016.

Here’s a list of previous Pokémon Generations episodes, taken from Bulbapedia:

Code Screenshot English title
PG01 The Adventure The Adventure
PG02 The Chase The Chase
PG03 The Challenger The Challenger
PG04 The Lake of Rage The Lake of Rage
PG05 The Legacy The Legacy
PG06 The Reawakening The Reawakening
PG07 The Vision The Vision

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