we have just completed our Asset Analysis (analysis of static APK assets like images, icons and texts) of the 0.69.0 Pokémon GO update, and it’s incredible! More than a hundred new images were added, but what surprised us the most were all the required assets for Legendary Raids.

Brace yourself, Legendaries are coming!

Our full data mining report is coming in a few hours, so stay tuned, there could be a lot more hiding in the code below. Also, be aware that this post highlights just a fraction of the 108 changed files in 0.69.0. For a full list of changes, head over here.

Without further ado, here we go:

Legendary Raid Pass (Item 1403)
Legendary Won Emblem
Chicago Event Medal
Updated Raid UI now shows Legendary Raid icon for the in-game map
Icon Legendary Small
Icon for feeding berries remote
  • Michal Husak

    Feeding berries remote ! This will change gym battles totally. Imagine the 2995 Blissey eating rainbow berry during the defense as a cake 🙂

    • Sanjeev C Das

      Bt, only 50c anyway.. defnding is not a thing anymore..

      • Michal Hušák

        It is not about coins. It is about gold budgets and getting more items, XP and raid benefits from nearby gyms …

  • Antonio Mercurio

    Beautiful, Thx pokemon go hub <3 u guys

  • Daro.

    It’s not legendary raid pass. The Silph Road found that this item is Exclusive Raid Pass.

    • Danneh

      I trust The Silph Road more.. PokemonGoHub always try to create hype

      • Steven Randall

        It seems that gohub are being extra cautious lately since the shiny mistake 2 months ago.

    • trainer exus cF

      Would you like to enlighten us which pokemon are more “exclusive” than our current selection? Seems like legendaries are the only answer, eh?

      • Daro.

        In code this item is named “Exclusive Raid Pass”. Raid Pass name don’t need to be tied with pokemon type or tier. It could be reserved for special events or something like that – not for certain type of pokemon. Legendary Raid Pass is in code since update with raids, in this case title and item name is misleading. I hope that I enlighted you.

    • Robdebobrob

      Hmm, might be for regional raids at the events coming to event places arround the world? Like heracross raid in Amstelveen in the Netherlands, where heracross usually doesnt apear.

  • Matt Entrekin

    As someone who will be attending Go Fest, I have to say I am going to be really ticked off if I can’t participate in a legendary raid just because I haven’t “participated in hundreds of raid battles.” I am willing to bet a large portion of those attending also haven’t participated in hundreds of raid battles yet either. I’ve only done about 50 raids so far, which averages to more than 1 per day since the raid update dropped about a month ago. To participate in “hundreds” like they say, you would have to do between 4-5 raids per day on average. They are alienating a large majority of their player base because some people either live in a rural area where raids are not as frequent, or they can’t/won’t spend money buying raid passes. Niantic is a business, I understand that, but participating in hundreds of raids is a bit of a stretch in my opinion just to be able to participate in legendary raids. I really hope that isn’t the case.

    • bullet135

      By my estimate, in order to get to 200 raids in 30 days you would have had to spend $120 on Raid Passes alone.

    • Robdebobrob

      Speaking of alienating the player base, as someone who lives halfway across the globe im gonna be ticked off if there are any legendary raids at Go Fest at all, if they are not available at all other locations in the world too.

      • Bret

        They have already stated that there will be a chance at legendary raids at Go Fest. If successful, then they will be released worldwide.

  • Blue Tamagoshi

    Eu só acho que está faltando mais pokestops no Brasil. Muita gente ainda sem conseguir pegar pokemons todo dia, faltam pokebolas, e temos que nos deslocar para o Centro da cidade pra poder pagar algumas. E poucas não adiantam, pois precisamos completar nossa pokedex.
    Perto da minha casa há 2 igrejas que não são pokestops. E já foram mandadas fotos e localizações..
    Sem falar que, ainda está faltando mais eventos de lutadores. É difícil achar por aí Hitmonchan e Hitmonlee, entre outros.
    Agradeço o espaço.

  • Josh Dantzler

    Can anyone in the world win the Chicago medal since it is a world wide collaboration event?

    • Dill

      According to comicbook, “Only players who attend the event will get the new badge. It’s likely that Niantic will distribute the badge to players who register on-site after the event is over, similar to how it handles event badges for its other game Ingress.”
      Though hopefully there’s a way for the rest of us to obtain it if we participate in the challenges since, like you said, this is a global collaboration event.