Pokemon Sun and Moon Bank Update info leaked!

Alola forms
Alola forms

We finally have some news about the PokéBank update for Sun and Moon, however no release date is yet specified.

This leaked information was released by Nintendo HK, here is the source.

New info on PokéBank

  • You can transfer pokemon from Red, Blue, Green, Yellow to Sun & Moon.
  • Pokemon from Red, Blue, Green, Yellow will have at least 3 Random IVs.
  • Pokemon from Red, Blue, Green, Yellow may have their Hidden Ability, the pictures show a Mewtwo with it’s Hidden Ability.
  • Pokemon from Red, Blue, Green, Yellow will have random nature.
  • Pokemon from Red, Blue, Green, Yellow will have a Gameboy marking instead of nothing or a plus symbol.
  • PokeBank has a new function, National Dex, which can be synchronised with Local Dex in your game. In other words, you don’t have to to transfer your Pokémon to your local game in order to register them in your local PokéDex.
  • In the National Dex in PokeBank, you can review the history of your games, including XY, ORAS and SunMoon. The displayed information includes number of caught Pokémon, Eggs hatched, wild Pokémon encountered, etc.
  • PokeMile can be changed to BP and used in Sun and Moon. The information shows that someone who puts a XYORAS Pokémon into the bank, has a chance to get huge BP.
  • In the information page of the Mewtwo in the PokeBank, there is one more thing shown, which is held items are now transfered.

Some translated info using Google Translate:

  • “Pokémon Bank” from the end of January corresponding to the “wizard treasure can dream of the sun / moon”!
  • You can also bring Pokémon from the software “Pokémon” with the “Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console” (virtual host).
  • “treasure can dream virtual bank (Pokémon Bank)” treasure of the new features can dream (Pokémon) presentation of illustrations
  • introduced Adventure Adventure review your records so far
  • brought out Battle points Battle enjoy the fun of it!
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