You are probably aware by now, but the ROMs (virtual copies) of Pokémon Sun and Moon were leaked on 4chan recently. The copies were leaked by a group of players who managed to get their hands on the pre release physical copies of the game.

A number of the interesting things (stats, Ultra Beasts, etc) were found in the leaked Sun and Moon ROMs and among them all of the sound and music files for the game.

Pokémon Sun and Moon soundtrack

We’ve found the soundtrack to be very impressive, both in fidelity and production quality. Nintendo previously announced that they are using the best tools available for producing the soundtrack, but we were not prepared for this!

Tracks like “Battle! Team Skull Admin Plumeria“, “End Cave” and “Island Trial” blew us away with their guitars, electro synth sounds and incredible drums!

Oh my god, the drums! The drums could be used as a sample track for Metallica, with Ulrich adding more speed to it. We have more favorites coming as we listen through 59 different tracks and scores.

Sure, some of these are not as good as the others, but the vast majority is well produced, interesting to listen to and quite catchy.

We, for one, welcome the new era of 3DS sound production. May our music stay great and sounds crisp and well produced!

You can listen to the entire soundtrack on this Youtube playlist: