Preparing for the Pokémon Sun and Moon release day

Sun and Moon Legendary Pokémon
Sun and Moon Legendary Pokémon

Trainers, Sun and Moon is coming out on 18th of November, so we have only 6 more days to prepare and read up on all of the changes. We prepared a number of almost-spoiler-free charts and tools to help you get ready.

Just a side note, if you want completely to avoid stat and Pokédex spoilers, stop reading now and don’t click on any of the links. You have been warned!


Sun and Moon Tools and Charts

First off, you should take your time to study all of the upcoming new Generation 7 Pokémon and their stats using our Sun and Moon Pokédex. The Pokédex is a mobile friendly chart with stats, moves and typings for every Generation 7 Pokémon.

If you’re looking for Ultra Beasts or Alola Legendaries, we got you covered with our Ultra Beast Stats chart and Alola Legendaries overview. Both Ultra Beast and Legendary charts contains all stat info, sprites and Pokédex entries.

If you are looking for new Abilities that were added in Generation 7, we got you covered also. The abilities chart contains info on which Pokémon family got what ability and what does the ability do.

To wrap it up we have compiled a visual guide to the new Generation. Use our Visual Pokédex to familiarise yourself with new Pokémon in Generation 7. Obviously, this tool is spoiler heavy.

QR Codes for Pokemon Sun and Moon

In addition to the tools mentioned above, we prepared a section dedicated to QR Codes for every Pokémon in the new Generation. You can find all of the QR Codes here and use them to get a Pokémon every day.

A preview of the  QR Codes: