Pokémon GO Research Quests - rewards, items, types
Pokémon GO Research Quests - rewards, items, types
Table of Contents
Field Research
Special Research
Research Breakthrough
Types of Quests

Field Research and Special Research are two types of Quests in Pokémon GO that provide players with an additional type of day to day game play. Many quests can be accomplished alone, however, some may have special requirements.

  • Field Research tasks can be collected by spinning nearby PokéStops, and they include a wide range of Pokémon-related activities.
  • Special Research tasks are story-driven activities that may be requested by Professor Willow himself, and they will unfold as the Trainer completes more objectives.

Field Research Quests

Field Research Quests are available at any PokéStop and reward a Research Stamp. You can get one stamp per day by completing at least one Field Research task. Once you collect seven stamps, you will achieve a Research Breakthrough and unlock special quest rewards. Field Research quests are closely related to existing Daily Quests in other MMO games. Completing Field research quests reward items. Typical Field Research Quests are Catch a particular type, win a set number of battles and/or complete a set number of raids.

You can get 7 different types of rewards by completing quests:

  • Experience
  • Items
  • Stardust
  • Candy
  • Avatar Clothing
  • Quests
  • Pokemon Encounter

These items are confirmed Field Research Item Rewards:

Item Amount
Rare Candy x2
Charged TM x1
Hyper Potion x3

Special Research Quests

“Professor Willow will present the Special Research himself with story-driven activities that will take Trainers further into the world of Pokémon GO than ever before” — this is the exact statement that was shared by The Pokémon Company International. These activities are unlocked as the Trainer completes more objectives.

As of the time of this writing, Mew is the only one confirmed reward from a quest chain called A Mythical Discovery. Completing Special research quests rewards Experience and advances the story.

Research Breakthrough

A Research Breakthrough is achieved by collecting 7 Research Stamps. The date on the Stamp is not important and you don’t need to collect 7 Stamps in a row, you can collect any seven stamps.

Collecting seven Research stamps will reward the following:

  • Various quest reward items, yielding much better rewards than singular quest completion rewards. It’s a bundle of rewards similar to the raid rewards bundle
  • A special encounter with a Pokémon (can be Legendary) that will follow the type of quests you completed on your journey to the Research Breakthrough

Quest Types

There are 16 different types of Quests you can get:

  • Catch a Pokémon
  • Spin a Pokéstop
  • Hatch an egg
  • Walk buddy and get a buddy candy
  • Feed Pokémon
  • Win a gym battle
  • Level up a badge
  • Complete a raid battle
  • Transfer a Pokémon
  • Evolve a Pokémon
  • Use a berry during a catch sequence/encounter
  • Upgrade a Pokémon (possibly power up)
  • Land a throw
  • Level up a badge
  • Level up your trainer
  • Multi Part
  • Complete a quest
  • Favorite Pokémon
  • Autocomplete

Extra notes

  • Special research tasks do not give a daily stamp – only field research does
  • Minimum level for Special Research is level 5
  • Pokemon encounters appear to be at level 15 with the same IV distribution as an egg hatch/raid encounter and do not factor weather boosts
  • Gyms do not give field research tasks
  • Pokestops give out the same research task per day for all players (changes at midnight local time) and you can’t complete the “same” quest twice. You can remove a task and pick it up later in the day if you don’t want
  • Making Nice/Great/Excellent and curved throws count even if the Pokemon escapes or flees (doesn’t show progress until after the encounter)
  • Spinning a gym disc counts towards “Spin x Pokestops”
  • You can spin the same Pokestop to increment “Spin x Pokestops”
  • One completed action (spinning/catching/hatching) can count for multiple research tasks
  • Hatching/evolving a Pokemon does not count toward catching tasks (no cheating on that Dragon catching task)
  • Great throws count as Nice throws; Excellent throws count as both Great and Nice
  • Raid battles do not count toward “Battle in a gym”
  • Tasks are not awarded if your item bag is full, but you can claim an item reward if your bag is full
  • You cannot claim a Pokemon encounter reward if your Pokemon storage is full