“The rise of my POGO Nemesis”, a story about bots, bans and struggle

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We’ve came across a crazy story that explains how a friendly rivalry can grow into a crazy bot festival to say at least.

Originally published on reddit, and this carbon copied here to remind us that bots are very much alive. The author, PaulKing00 seems like a true champ. Kudos!

Grab a beer, get some coffee or tea and enjoy, we know we did! 🙂

The rise of my POGO Nemesis

Sporting Rivalry

From quite early on in the game, I would ride the bike to work in the morning and collect 6 or 7 gyms on the way. Every lunchtime there was one red player who would drive along the same route and take back any gyms that were still standing. There was one gym across the road from work which I could see from my desk, so I could see him arriving and battling that gym. I also started taking that gym back during my lunch break shortly after he had left.

That went on for a few weeks and we developed a healthy rivalry even though we had never met.

Rise of the Nemesis

One day, and quite suddenly, when he was around level 27, he started stacking every gym that he took with 4 accounts all called <username>1, <username>2, <username>3 and his main account. Interestingly all of the new accounts were level 30+ and obviously botted accounts. Soon after that I noticed that at various times of the day he would attack the gym but his car was never there anymore.

Naturally I reported him several times for spoofing and for multi-accounting. Other players in town had also independently reported him. This guy had turned into quite the nuisance all around town for my team but also his own team because he always took up 4 spots in all the red gyms.

So after month of submitting cheater reports, all of his extra accounts finally got banned in the last ban wave, but his main account was still left active. He is still playing on his main account, and I was told from a team mate who met his that he is apparently now playing ‘legit’ and not spoofing anymore either.

A New Gym Sub-Game

To me, this guy is my POGO nemesis and I don’t care if he is not cheating anymore, he is playing on his account that has been advanced through cheating over the last 4 months. Whenever I see him in gyms, I’ll go out of my way to battle the gym down but only to the point where he is knocked out.

Fewer people in town are playing so it is becoming easier to hold more gyms and lately I am mostly over 10 gyms each morning. Now a new goal has arisen from the gym-meta. Most recently after a 60 min gym tour on the bike I set myself in 1 new gym and knocked my nemesis out of 6 gyms that he was in around town. That is my new idea of a successful gym tour!

Do you also have a nemesis that you go out of your way to battle with?

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