Scizor Pokémon GO: Scizor cuts paper and rock!

Scizor cuts paper and rock!

USER GUIDE | Submitted by JovJov14After numerous spins of those Pokéstops, I finally got one. It was sheer unexpected luck. A Metal Coat​ from a regular, mid-game spin. I didn’t even believe it at first, and told myself it was just another Pokéball. Out of curiosity, I checked my bag. There in the last of the list, a special evolution item – a Metal Coat​.

The next part is one of the hardest decisions I’ve made, choosing which Scyther​ is the best in my list to receive this honor of evolving. You laugh now, wait till you get in a situation where you have 5 near perfect IV Pokémon and only a single special evolution item.

I bet you’d even bring our a pen and paper just to write down those stats and take an hour or two which one has the most reasonable combination. Then you’d have second thoughts of evolving now, or later in the hopes of catching something better. Not to mention that the same item can be used to evolve an Onix​ to a Steelix​.

Anyway, I badly wanted to try out a Scizor​ as my Scythers​ were very helpful in my team. And as soon as I evolved mine, I went out and eagerly tested him out on different kinds of opponents.

Scizor cuts it clean!

I’ll give the battle run downs first. Trainers, listen well. You want a Scizor​ in your attacking team. I personally recommend having your Scizor on your offensive line. I had the pleasure of battling with Scizor​, and it was simply awesome.

The attack power of Scizor​ is superb. If you enjoyed how Scyther​ made quick and multiple attacks before, you are going to love how smooth Scizor​ execute their fast move.

As for defense, there is a big change when it comes to Scizor​ taking some damage. It was not drastic, but it is noticeably better. Stamina-wise, it’s way better than what Scyther​ used to have. I mean, the way Scizor​ took damage and the amount of HP left after each battle is just something to be appreciated.

Lastly, I want to mention the dodge and execution of moves, it was a very big surprise in my part to see how quick the reaction and execution of Scizor​. I used Scyther​ in battles almost all the time. I am familiar how the moves and dodge was, but the way Scizor​ handled the battle simple made my jaw drop. It was so easy to make a fast move and evade the opponent’s attack.

Based on the variety of battles we had, Scizor​ was able to take out 2-4 opponents on its own, and even with a 500-900 CP difference. Regardless of the type advantage, I am pretty confident to say that it won’t matter that much as long as you get the rhythm of alternating dodging and attacking. Even with a large attack coming your way, as long as you manage to evade it and use the fast move efficiently, plus knowing the timing when to release the charge move, Scizor​ is essentially unstoppable.

Here’s my Scizor:

My Scizor has an average of 95.5% IV. Not perfect, but very awesome still. The move set is not the ideal, but I prefer it that way since Scizor is in my attacking team. You see trainers, for me, compared to Bullet Punch, Fury Cutter is faster to release this making the charge bar fill quicker, making the charge move faster to execute as well.

The good and the bad

I still try to look at the situation on both side. despite me sounding like I favor Scizor a lot, I would still like to talk to you trainers about the downside of all this.

  • Scyther had a drastic upgrade on stats after being evolved into a Scizor, but he is still vulnerable to Flying, Fighting, and Fire-types.
  • With that said, Scizor has a big advantage over Grass, Psychic, Fairy, Ice, and Dark-types. (The last part is great because there lots of Dark-type Pokémon now)
  • If you have not stocked on Scyther candies, getting your Scizor to power up would be even more difficult.
  • As I mentioned earlier, if you can get into the rhythm on how to use Scyther/Scizor’s moves and evasion, it would make the battles so much easier and more fun, if not, then you might make your Pokémon take damage continuously.

I do really hope you guys would consider putting Scizor on your attacking team and practicing how to battle using it. Scizor is very helpful based on my own experience and I think it would be helpful to yours as well.

Best of luck trainers!

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