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Alolan Raichu PvP Guide (Great League edition)

Alolan Raichu rewards trainers with an aggressive energy farming playstyle. If given an energy lead, it can be an extremely dominating threat to deal with. If...

Pokémon GO Vileplume vs Bellossom: how to spend your Oddish Candy

USER GUIDE | Submitted by marcosm8 on March 14 2017, updated by Zeroghan on October 04 2019After the Poliwrath vs Politoed duel, we should have another duel,...
Pokémon GO Search Bar Cheat Sheet

Pokémon Go Search Bar Strings Cheat Sheet

The Pokémon Go Search Bar tool can be extremely useful, especially if your storage is maxed out at the 2000 mark. Our search string...
EX Raid Wiki Featured Image

Pokémon GO EX Raid : A Comprehensive Guide

Since the launch of EX Raids in Pokémon GO, it's a strongly debated and mysterious feature. This guide will help you to understand what EX Raids...
Returning to Pokémon GO: Part 3

Returning to Pokémon GO: Part 3 (2019)

Well hello, Trainer! As you are currently reading this guide for returning players, we can only assume you have decided to open up Pokémon...
Returning Player Guide Part 2

Returning to Pokémon GO: Part 2 (2019)

Well hello, Trainer! As you are currently reading this guide for returning players, we can only assume you have decided to open up Pokémon...
Returning Player Guide Part 1

Returning to Pokémon GO: Part 1 (2019)

Well hello, Trainer! As you are currently reading this guide for returning players, we can only assume you have decided to open up Pokémon...
Pokemon GO Plus in 2018

Should you buy a Pokemon GO Plus?

If you are a casual player, you might have seen intense players with Pokemon GO Plus around their wrists or in their pockets, some...

A College Student’s Pokemon Go Experience

Written by Joswald7 I’ve been an avid reader of Pokemon Go Hub’s articles for quite a while now; the Hub has been my main...

Pokémon GO Rural: my personal David vs Goliath battle

Written by InstinctMike First of all, I know some fellow trainers will have their own point of view about this (“go to the city to play”),...
Metagross Pokémon GO stats max cp moves

Metagross in Pokemon GO

Written by Fitz City, edited and adapted for web by Hub admins. Related reading: Metagross, Metang and Beldum family overviewMetagross is one of the biggest...
Pokemon GO Gyarados

Waterfall Gyarados and its new place in the meta

Written by: acheron9381 Niantic has finally done it. They’ve knocked King Vaporeon down from his pedestal, and created a new “Best Water Type Attacker”. This...
Pokémon GO Manila

Playing Pokemon GO in Manila

Community written guide, written by ysmaelbp. Remember you can submit your guides to us (and get payed for writing) using this page: Submit a guide.With Trainer...
Winter Ice Type Pokemon GO

Winter guide: clothes and accessories for playing Pokemon GO in cold weather

Community written guide, written by Jens Yao. Remember you can submit your guides to us (and get payed for writing) using this page: Submit a...

New items and systems that could improve Pokemon GO

Community written article, originally submitted to the GO Hub forum by Dinsara92. Hi everyone! Most of us here have been playing the game for more then...
Pokemon GO Cheats Are Finally Banned

History of spoofing over the last 12 months

Written by JoshHack, a GO Hub forum member | source linkBe aware that GO Hub's official stance is strictly against spoofing and botting —...
Pokémon GO Anniversary Event

A Tourist’s Guide to Pokémon Go in Tokyo

READER WRITTEN GUIDE // Written by Trainer Canadoman, a Japanese/Canadian trainer based in Muscat, Oman. He has played Pokémon Go in 9 countries, and...
Pokémon GO Gym Badges

Gold Gym Badge In-depth Analysis

USER SUBMITTED GUIDE | written by the one and only ChaterangaThe "Gym Rework" confused, challenged, and overall changed players opinions on battling over gyms. In...
Pokemon GO Generation 2

How to play Pokémon GO in the Summer Time (in Florida style heat)

USER GUIDE | written by RexxRaptor on a hot daySummer time is once again upon us, and any Trainer who lives in Florida knows all...
New York City Pokémon GO

Planning a Pokemon Adventure in New York City

Written by Leek Duck, a NYC based Pokémon GO Trainer. Do check out his blog for more tips and tricks about playing Pokémon GO in...
Gym Battles Update

Reworking the Gym Meta

USER GUIDE | written by Chateranga on July 8 2017By now everyone has discussed the multiple problems with the gym rework, and in most cases...
Pokemon GO Zapdos Raid

Pokémon GO Zapdos: can it raid?

USER GUIDES | Written by D.K. on July 07 2017As expected, Pokémon GO Zapdos is a well rounded addition to the type roster. A common...
Pokémon GO Moltres

Pokémon GO Moltres: can it raid?

USER GUIDES | Written by D.K. on July 07 2017Can Moltres be a good Raid Attacker in Pokémon GO? Team Valor really lucked out with this...
Pokémon GO Articuno

Pokémon GO Articuno: can it raid?

USER GUIDES | Written by D.K. on July 07 2017Based on our previous data mines, we’ve determined that Legendaries will likely be released in raids....
Pokemon GO IV Explained - Calculation, meaning, importance

A Guide on IV Analyzers and Calculators

USER GUIDE | written by Steve on July 5 2017 Calcy IV Poké GO Master Toolkit Main App IV GO IV Web Checkers How Good...

Tier 4 Raid Bosses – Catch Probability by Throw Type

USER GUIDE | written and drawn by Wheelie-Bin-LadenNow that the catch rate modifiers for Premier balls and Golden Razz Berries have been confirmed, here's a...
Pokémon GO Rare Raid Boss List

How many Trainers you need for every level 3 and level 4 Raid Boss

USER GUIDE | Submitted by GamerAshSladeHello fellow Trainers! With the addition of the Raid System into the game, many of us are confused on how to...
Pokémon GO Legendary Raid Boss List

Legendary Raid Preparation: Generation I

„This summer will be legendary!“ is what Niantic’s Global Marketing Lead Archit Bhargava said just a couple of weeks ago. (link) With the introduction...
Pokémon GO Normal Raid Boss List

How to find Raid Battles

USER GUIDE | Submitted by Alejandro Contel A helpful beginner's guide on how to find Raid Battles in Pokémon GO. Raid battles will appear in the nearby...
Pokémon GO Gym Update new Features

Compendium of suggested improvements to the new gym and raid system

Full credits for this article go to mak484, a Silph Road Traveler that was kind enough to allow us to share his writing on the...