The Six Great Nest Migration has just happened!


What a day! Once again we’ve observed a big change in nests – The #6 Big Nest migration has just happened. Players have reported observing similar phenomena all across the globe. We are updating this article as new info comes in, so make sure to visit later again.

The Sixth Nest Migration

The migration happened roughly 15 minutes ago, on 2nd of November 2016. It is yet unconfirmed if the nests have randomly changed again, or they followed a pattern like the first few times. TheSilphRoad Atlas has been updated with the new migration and it’s been confirmed on reddit.

This migration comes with a caution:

Biodiversity has increased this migration. So hang out for a bit and make sure you’re positive of the nesting species before reporting in!

Newly common species include Fire/Rock types, Paras, Poliwag, etc where they weren’t previously common.

Trainers, go outside to your local nests and collect data once again! Make sure to track your findings in the Nest Atlas as you go.

We’ll be maintaining a table of changes as reports come in.

Before migration After migration Confirmed
Electabuzz Abra No

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