Top 5 Rock Type Pokemon

Pokemon GO Top 5 Rock Types
Pokemon GO Top 5 Rock Types

If you’re a sucker for Brock and Rock types, we can’t blame you! Rock types comprise some of the coolest and most iconic Pokemon in the original anime, with their fierce appearance and strong powers. We bring you the list of Top 5 Rock Type Pokemon you can get today!

Pokemon GO Best 5 Rock Types

Rock types are easily recognisable and good looking addition to any team. However, they’re currently generally unfavorable as Gym attackers, except in certain scenarios, due to the prevalence of Water type defenders.


5. Aerodactyl

Not a surprising entry to the list, as Aerodactyl is considered to be one of the rarest Pokemon in the game currently.

With 2165 Max CP and access to great moves like Bite, Hyper Beam and Steel Wing, Aerodactyl can and will surprise you with it’s power. Just be sure not to use him against Vaporeon, as Vapes are cutting through this fossil Pokemon like it’s paper.

Also, Aerodactyl can be hatched from a 10 KM egg!

4. Kabutops

Kabutops is an interesting Pokemon due to it’s Rock/Water typing and access to Water, Rock Bug and Ground moves. Confused? Yeah, not easy to remember. Kabutops Max CP is 2130 and almost all of it’s moves are alright with the exception of Ancient Power. No one likes Ancient Power.

It’s biggest weakness is Grass, as grass is Double Super Effective against Kabutops. Hope you don’t get hit with a Solar Beam!

3. Omastar

Your snail overlord has arrived! Omastar is also a Rock/Water type Pokemon with Max CP of 2233. Unlike Kabutops, Omastar has access to elite moves like Hydro Pump.

You’re best off finding a Omastar with Water Gun and Hydro Pump. Use that Rock type Pokemon to destroy other Rock types with Water moves. Go figure.

2. Rhydon

The drill is on! Rhydon is one of the strongest Rock types, both in anime and in the game. With Max CP of 2243 and moves like Earthquake and Stone Edge, be afraid of Rhydon, be very afraid.

That is, if it’s not in your team. Rhydon is a Ground/Rock type Pokemon and it’s only weaknesses are Water and Grass type attacks. Be sure to hide Rhydon from Vaporeons.

1. Golem

Is there anything scarier than a ball of rock rolling towards you? Maybe there is, if we arm that ball with a muscular set of limbs and moves like Earthquake. And let’s not forget that Golem has the Max CP of 2303!

Golem is the best Rock type in game, relatively easily obtainable. He’s a good performer in attack and in defense, with one exception. Like Rhydon, Vaporeon and other Water types destroy Golems due to their dual weakness to Water.