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USER GUIDE | Submitted by JovJov14 on March 29 2017It’s not a surprise that your cute Teddiursa will evolve into that vicious looking Ursaring. Let me tell you trainers, it’s worth the change. If your area has lots of those cute little bears, catch ’em all!

Lots of sources say that Ursaring is one of few Second Generation Pokémon that has an incredibly high CP. I was patient enough to collect enough Teddiursa candies and eventually evolve one into an Ursaring. I’d like to share some stuff about Ursaring with you trainers. Here are few things you should know about Ursaring:

  • Ursaring is a Normal type Pokémon like Snorlax and Blissey(two of the best gym defenders).
  • Being a Normal type means Ursaring is weak against Fighting type Pokémon.
  • Being a Normal type Pokémon also means that Ursaring can have a variety of moves, including non-normal type moves.
  • Ursaring can have a massive CP of 2760.
  • There are plenty of Teddiursa nests all over the world
  • It only takes 50 Teddiursa candies to evolve one into an Ursaring. The introduction of Pinap berries to the game would make collecting candies easier.
216 Teddiursa NORMAL 1184 142 93 120
217 Ursaring NORMAL 2760 236 144 180

Ursaring has an amazingly high ATK.

The good parts of Pokémon GO Ursaring

After fighting both with and against Ursaring, here are some of the advantages I would like to share with you:

  • Ursaring has good damage to almost every opponent it faces because of its high ATK.
  • Ursaring was able to take out an average of 1-2 gym defenders before running out of HP.
  • You’ll be surprised with the possible combination of moves Ursaring can get. For fast move, it can get Metal Claw (Metal type), and Counter (Fighting type). For its possible charge move, there’s Close Combat (Fighting type), Hyper Beam (The only Normal type move on the list), and Play Rough (Fairy type).
  • Teddiursa is quite common, and is easy to catch. If you catch every Pokémon you see before the Second Generation was released, you’ve probably obtained the medal School Kid (Gold: 200 Normal Pokémon). This will increase your chances in catching Teddiursa with ease.
  • Since Teddiursa is pretty common and easy to catch, it will not be a challenge to collect numerous Teddiursa candies.

The bad

It’s not always an easy win with this powerful Pokémon. There are some drawbacks with Ursaring as well. Here are some things trainers should look at:

  • Despite having a very high ATK, Ursaring has an average DEF and HP. This means, if an opponent has a higher CP, there’s a really high chance that Ursaring would lose. So make sure you make that CP as high has you can.
  • Having a number of possible move combinations may not yield a good pair for your Ursaring.

Yes. That’s it. Statistically speaking, those are the disadvantages I saw using Ursaring in my team. Wait until you get to the next part.

Good guy Ursaring

This the part where I tell you about the battles me and my Ursaring had, and give you trainers out there some tips on how to maximize efficiency of your Ursaring. Here they are:

  • Put Ursaring as a gym defender! Ursaring’s attacks are great. The damage is high and it can take out opponents just as one expects it to, but Ursaring is simply best as a gym defender.
  • As a gym defender, it can get you the top tiers because of its very high CP.
  • If a charge move lands on Ursaring as an attacker, it seems like Ursaring receives quite a large hit.
  • Ursaring does not dodge well. Using its fast move Counter continuously is not a problem, but evading attacks is the real challenge. Its charge move Close combat also delivers a great deal of damage, but again, it’s difficult to get Ursaring to evade after using the charge move.
  • Now, as a defender, Ursaring is really tough. Despite having an average HP and Def, my Ursaring was able to take lots of damage and the HP did not go down as fast as when it was an attacker. This part is a mystery to me as well.
  • Here’s an example: I battled my own Ursaring against a 2500 CP Machamp, 2700 CP Gyarados, and 3500 CP Dragonite. My attackers won most of the time. It was a 50:50 battle. Ursaring was very difficult to beat. After the battle, the attackers had just enough HP to switch Pokémon or flee. Ursaring is really tough as a defender despite its stats.
  • During battle, against Machamp, Gyarados, and Dragonite as gym defenders, Ursaring would lose despite effectively evading some attacks.

Although Ursaring may not be as effective as an attacker, it is definitely a great gym defender. Put Ursaring in your defense team, and train against it in your conquered gym. This will absolutely help you retain the top gym tier.

Best of luck, trainers!

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