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Generation II brought us some big changes to Egg hatches and Buddy Candy distances. In order to help you get the maximum out of your Buddy, we’ve assembled a Tier List that includes both Gen 2 and Gen 1 Buddies that can evolve in Gen 2.

For this list, we’re taking into account their Maximum Combat Power, evolution potential, Kilometers for Candy cost and current position in the meta.

 A+  Top Gen II Buddies

The “Top Tier” includes Pokémon we consider to be the best Gen II Buddy Pokémon. Their evolutions have high Max CP, dominate Gym Offense/Defense Tier lists and are powerful every day companions.

Pokémon Max CP when evolved KMs for Candy
Chansey 3219 (Blissey) 5KM
Larvitar 3670 (Tyranitar) 5KM
Eevee 3000 (Espeon) 5KM
Onix 2439 (Steelix) 5KM

No special explanation is needed for Chansey and Larvitar. We decided to include Eevee and Onix in the Top Tier category due to several facts:

 A  Great Gen II Buddies

In the “Great Tier” we categorized Pokémon who are great additions to your team, even though they are not in the Top 10s of Gym Offense and Defense. This is especially true for Phanpy, Mareep and Scyther, who evolve in useful Pokémon just under the Top 10s.

Note that Totodile is in the  A  tier, while other starters are in the B Tier due. You can read more on why on our Totodile family overview.

Pokémon Max CP when evolved KMs for Candy
Scyther 2801 (Scizor) 5KM
Slowpoke 2482 (Slowking) 3KM
Mareep 2695 (Ampharos) 5KM
Totodile 2721 (Feraligatr) 3KM
Phanpy 3022 (Donphan) 3KM
Teddiursa 2760 (Ursaring) 3KM

 B  Good Gen II Buddies

Ah, the “Good Tier”. This Tier encompases Pokémon you will likely walk and not be happy about, as they’re either Pokédex novelty, have interesting typing or they’re too weak to be used in Gyms.

This tier does include interesting Pokémon, but their overall utility as Buddy Pokémon is rather low.

Pokémon Max CP when evolved KMs for Candy
Porygon 2546 (Porygon2) 3KM
Horsea 2424 (Kingdra) 3KM
Chikorita 2227 (Meganium) 3KM
Cyndaquil 2686 (Typhlosion) 3KM
Snubbull 2440 (Granbull) 3KM
Swinub 2284 (Piloswine)  3KM
Houndour 2529 (Houndoom) 3KM

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