Nincada, Ninjask and Shedinja

 Slakoth, Vigoroth and Slaking Whismur, Loudred and Exploud  

The Ninjask family in Pokémon GO has a very interesting evolution tree, much like in the original games. When Nincada evolves to Ninjask, it actually sheds, giving life to Shedinja! In other words, when Nincada evolves you get two, not one, Pokémon. Nincada evolution in Pokémon GO is still under research.

The family typing follows this also: 

  • Nincada is a bug ground Pokémon,
  • Ninjask is a bug flying Pokémon,
  • Shedinja is a bug ghost

Speculations have surfaced on whether Pokémon GO will have the same concepts of evolving this Pokémon as other Pokémon games, or will Niantic implement a different mechanism.

Where to find Nincada

Nincada is a field Pokémon, commonly available on areas where Pokémon like Caterpie, Weedle, Pidgey, etc… live.

ID Sprite Pokémon ATK DEF HP MAX CP
290 Nincada 
bug ground
80 153 62 674
291 Ninjask 
bug flying
199 116 122 1790
292 Shedinja
bug ghost
153 80 2 421

Ninjask in the Pokémon GO meta

As interesting, and perhaps complex, as Nincada’s evolution is, Ninjask is not going to have a place on the ranks. Its 1790 CP will not be enough to compete even with mid-level Pokémon.

It has an above average ATK (199), but it is not going to make the cut. Its DEF (116) and STA (122) are simply too low and that (unfortunately) makes Ninjask an easy target when placed as a gym defender. If used as an attacker, it would highly depend on dodging, as a few hit from a high CP/ATK opponent could take Ninjask out easy.

Ninjask has a good speed and will be able to attacks, but a few hits would be critical  enough for Ninjask to lose all its HP as it does not have enough STA and DEF.

As far as Shedinja goes, it’s definitely not going to have a place in any ranks. Simply because it has an extremely low STA (2), DEF (80), and CP (421).

This Pokémon will simply serve as a Pokédex entry and a source of Stardust.

Pokémon GO Ninjask Moves

Since Ninjask is the only Pokémon in the family with acceptable stats, it’s the only one worth mentioning his moves:

  • Metal Claw Steel
  • Fury Cutter Bug
  • Bug Buzz Bug (charged, 2 bar)
  • Aerial Ace Flying (charged, 3 bar)
  • Shadow Ball Dark (charged, 2 bar)

Shiny Nincada, Ninjask and Shedinja in Pokemon GO

A normal Nincada has a white body, and hind legs. It’s forelegs are brown with sharp claws. It has a pair of small green wings. A normal Ninjask has a very dark grey body with a ring of light yellow near the tip of its lower body. It has a light yellow head. It has black eyes, and the lower part of its face has grey segmented pattern. It has a light grey wings veined wing with triangular red tips. A normal Shedinja has a light brown body. It has a grey abdomen and a white halo.

A shiny Nincada has a gold body, and hind legs. A shiny Ninjask has a light yellow body with a ring of yellow near the tip of its lower body. head. A shiny Shedinja has a gold body. It has a light grey abdomen and a pink halo.

Nincada Ninjask Shedinja

In the anime

Nincada made its debut on the 301st episode of the Pokémon series (Advanced Generation: Episode 27) titled “A Three Team Scheme!”.

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