Slakoth, Vigoroth and Slaking

Slaking Pokémon GO

Slaking in Pokemon GO dominates in terms of Max CP and Stats, with it’s staggering Max CP of 5441, incredible ATK (319), DEF (201), and STA (300). In a different article, The problem with Slaking in Pokémon GO, it was already mentioned how terrifyingly powerful the Pokemon GO version of Slaking is.

Simply comparing Slaking to the current Top 3 highest CP Pokemon makes you question if the current CP formula will be applied to Slaking:

Slaking vs Tyranitar

Pokemon with the highest obtainable Max CP (Legendary Pokemon aside) is Tyranitar with 3670 CP. However, Tyranitar in Pokemon GO has more bark than bite, and it’s no surprise that Slaking easily dominates it with it’s incredible Stamina and Attack.

Slaking vs Dragonite

Next up is Dragonite, with its 3581 Max CP. Slaking still overpowers most of Dragonite’s stats, but has equal DEF (201). With higher Max CP and STA, Slaking will be much harder to defeat in comparison to Tyranitar and Dragonite.

Slaking vs Blissey

Lastly, let’s compare Slaking with Blissey. Slaking (5441) has a much higher Max CP than Blissey (3219), Slaking (319) has a higher ATK than Blissey (129). However, Blissey (510) still takes the lead on Stamina over Slaking (300). Not to forget, Blissey (229) has higher DEF than Slaking (201). In other words, even Slaking will not be as hard to take out as Blissey.

ID Sprite Pokémon ATK DEF HP MAX CP
287 Slakoth 
104 104 120 942
288 Vigoroth 
159 159 160 1896
289 Slaking
319 201 300 5441

Slaking in the Pokémon GO meta

Note: Theory crafting is based on a prediction that Slaking’s CP will remain the same as it is currently predicted, 5441. In other Pokémon games, Slaking has an ability known as Truant that makes it attack only every other turn. It’s not yet known if it will have a similar limit in GO.

Slaking is sure to take the top spot among the Top Tier ranks because of its incredibly high CP and pure stats. It’s unparalleled ATK will put it on the number 1 slot for the Offense tier, but luckily, Blissey is still going to be more challenging to defeat as a defender.

Countering Slaking is not going to be as difficult as taking down a Blissey. If Slaking is placed as a gym defender, it’s going to be a race between the following:

  • either the challenger can take out Slaking quickly and dodge the massive damages it can cause,
  • or the challenger use all 6 Pokémon to take it out.

But, the problem of running out of time in a battle, like it currently happens with Blissey, is not likely to occur. We expect that Slaking will be extremely slow to dodge and to execute moves. That should be enough to balance everything out.

Pokémon GO Slaking Moves

Along with its inclusion into the high ranks of the game, here are some Pokemon GO Slaking moves we can expect. Of course, the Best moveset will include Hyper Beam:

  • Hyper Beam normal
  • Earthquake ground
  • Bulldoze ground
  • Brick Break fighting
  • Night Shade ghost

Here are some possible moves Slaking could obtain if more moves get added:

  • Facade normal
  • Focus Punch fighting
  • Mega Kick normal
  • Giga impact normal
  • Hammer Arm fighting
  • Smack Down ground

Shiny Slakoth, Vigoroth and Slaking in Pokemon GO

A normal Slakoth has brown fur all over its body, 2 dark brown stripes on its back, dark brown rings around its eyes, pink belly and pink snub nose. A normal Vigoroth has white fur all over its body, a red tuft its forehead, brown stripes on its back and brown circles around its eyes. It also has black claws at the end of its limbs. A normal Slaking has brown fur in most of its body, it has a light shade of brown on its face, chest, hands, and feet. It has a white fur on its neck that extends to the top of its head.

A shiny Slakoth has purple-blue fur all over its body, dark blue belly and dark blue snub nose. A shiny Vigoroth has eggshell colored fur all over its body, a bright yellow-green tuft its forehead, dark brown stripes on its back and brown circles around its eyes. It also has grey claws at the end of its limbs. A shiny Slaking has grey fur in most of its body. It has a yellowish white fur on its neck that extends to the top of its head. 

Slakoth Vigoroth Slaking
This article is a preview of an upcoming feature. Info listed here is subject to change.