Shiftry, Nuzleaf and Seedot

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Pokémon GO Shiftry (max CP 2186) evolves from a Pokemon GO Nuzleaf (max CP 1117) and Pokemon GO Seedot (max CP 526). A mysterious Pokemon family whose mystical ethos starts starts with their interesting typing: grass and dark (*). Shiftry’s best moveset is Razor Leaf (or Feint Attack) with Leaf Blade.

Shiftry is a solid addition to the meta game, but is overshadowed by Sceptile’s amazing performance. In any case, you can substitute your Venusaur with a Leaf Blade Shiftry in almost all scenarios.

(*) Nuzleaf and Shiftry are the first recorded Pokémon to have this type combination. Seedot is pure Grass type.

Shiftry, Nuzleaf and Seedot stats in Pokemon GO
273 Seedot
71 86 80 526
274 Nuzleaf
grass dark
134 78 140 1117
275 Shiftry
grass dark
200 121 180 2186

Shiftry in the Pokemon GO meta game

Shiftry is a solid addition to Pokemon GO, but its hard to find a fitting role for it. There are better grass types in the game, namely Sceptile, and there are better dark types: Absol and Tyranitar.

That doesn’t mean that Shiftry is useless. A Leaf Blade Shiftry outperforms almost everything that currently has Solar Beam, including the Generation 1 favorite Grass type Venusaur.

Shiftry best moves and movesets in Pokémon GO

Best moveset: anything with Leaf Blade

Stat wise, Shiftry was on a solid route to become a forgettable Pokedex filler. However, things changed completely when Shiftry was given access to the fabled Leaf Blade (charged, 3 bar) move, arguably the best Grass typed move in the game.

In order to have a usable Shiftry, you absolutely need that Leaf Blade, as other charged moves perform significantly worse than LB. Absolutely avoid Hurricane, there is no reason at all to have this move on a Shiftry.

Both Feint Attack and Razor Leaf are viable quick moves. Your weapon of choice will depend on your opponents.

Shiftry has access to the following moves:

  • Feint Attack dark (quick)
  • Razor Leaf grass (quick)
  • Leaf Blade grass (charged, 3 bars)
  • Foul Play dark (charged, 2 bars)
  • Hurricane flying (charged, 1 bar)

Shiny Seedot, Nuzleaf and Shiftry in Pokemon GO

A normal Seedot has brown body and grey head. It’s feet and eyes are light eggshell in color. A normal Nuzleaf also has brown body, a grey mask and upper legs, and a green leaf on its head. A normal Shiftry has a brown body, green leaf at the end of its arms, and white fur from its face to its back.

In contrast, a shiny Seedot has bright brown bod, and a light shade of grey on its head. It’s feet and eyes are of faint yellow. A shiny Nuzleaf has dark brown body, an orange colored mask and upper legs, with a green leaf on its head. A shiny Pokemon GO Shiftry has dark brown and red colors on its body, dark green leafs at the end of its arms and a yellowish fur from its face to its back.

Seedot Nuzleaf Shiftry

In the anime

Seedot made its television debut on the 272nd episode of Pokémon series titled “Johto Photo Finish”. Nuzleaf made its television debut on the 300th episode of Pokémon series (Advanced Generation: Episode 26) titled “Turning Over a Nuzleaf. Shiftry made its television debut on the 311h episode of Pokémon series (Advanced Generation: Episode 37) titled Turning Over a Nuzleaf.

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