Pokemon GO Zangoose

 Swablu and Altaria Seviper 

Pokemon GO Zangoose (Max CP 2214) is a normal type Pokemon, with access to a wide pool of moves and a rather interesting stat distribution. Although not super exciting, this crossover between a mongoose, cat and David Bowie’s album cover is a popular addition to the game.

Zangoose is known to appear in grassy areas (parks, fields, etc…) and it fosters a deep hate towards Seviper. Zangoose is region exclusive in Europe, Asia, Australia.

Zangoose stats in Pokemon GO
ID Sprite Pokémon ATK DEF HP MAX CP
335 Zangoose
222 124 146 2214

Zangoose in the meta

Zangoose is a solid generalist with a varied move pool. Zangoose benefits from the current weather immensely, as it doesn’t have a STAB move set. In other words, Zangoose needs that weather buff to bridge the gap.

Zangoose is not something we’d waste Stardust on, but it is something we’d toss in a Raid Party to fill that last slot. Rebel, rebel!

Pokémon GO Zangoose Moves and best movesets

Zangoose has access to a number of interesting moves, covering a lot of type signatures. This is not by accident, as Zangoose also had a varied move pool in the core games:

  • Fury Cutter bug (quick)
  • Shadow Claw ghost  (ghost)
  • Close Combat fighting (charged)
  • Dig ground (charged)
  • Night Slash dark  (charged)

If you ask us, we’d say all of the movesets are equally interesting and we’d opt to have multiple Zangooses available to use. It’s a solid glass cannon and having no STAB moveset makes him a filler in most teams.

Luckily, it’s varied move pool guarantees it some usage depending on which weather is currently active.

Shiny Zangoose in Pokemon GO

A normal Zangoose is mostly white colored. It has a deep red zigzag marking on its chest, red marking on one of its ear that goes down to its eye, and red colored fur on the distal end of its arms. It also has two black claws.

A shiny Zangoose mostly resembles that of its normal counterpart, except for the marking being deep blue in color.

Shiny Zangoose

In the anime

Zangoose made its television debut on the 322nd episode of the Pokémon series (Advanced Generation: Episode 48) titled, “Zigzag Zangoose!”.

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