Pokemon GO Kricketot
Pokemon GO Kricketot

Pokemon GO Kricketot is a Generation IV Bug-Pokemon from the Sinnoh region. It’s body resembles a cricket in a suite, and it’s red-orange and yellow color scheme makes him quite visible on the overworld map.

Kricketot is a Gen IV trash Pokemon, akin to Weedle / Wurmple / Caterpie evolution line, but with only one evolution stage, it is expected to be in the same category as Rattata/Raticate.

Kricketot stats are as follows: 333 max CP, backed by a solid 45 ATK, 74 DEF and 74 STA. Bibarel, be on guard, Kricketot is out to get you!

Buddy Distance and egg group

Kricketot buddy distance is 1 KM, in line with most other low-tier two-stage-evolution Pokemon. Kricketot is not expected to be hatchable from Eggs.

Kricketot evolution Line

Pokemon GO KricketotKricketotBug  ⇒ 50 Candy ⇒ Pokemon GO KricketuneKricketuneBug

Kricketot evolves into Kricketune. The evolution costs 50 Kricketot candy.

Weather influence

Kricketot is boosted by Rainy weather, similar to all other Bug type Pokemon.

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