Pokémon GO Bibarel is a Water and Normal type Pokémon, that evolves from Bidoof and originates from the Sinnoh region. Stats show it will have a max CP of 1683, an Attack of 162, a Defense of 119, and a Stamina of 158.

Bibarel’s type combination, while unique, does not do it any favors, especially since that Normal type is bound to get it smashed by Machamp. It has weaknesses to

  • Fighting, Grass, and Electric

while having resistances to:

  • Steel, Water, Ice, and Fire.

Finally, it has an immunity tier resistance to Ghost types, literally the one useful thing that the Normal type lends it.

We expect that, since it is the Gen 4 equivalent of Rattata, that it will evolve from Bidoof with 25 candies.

Bibarel Comparisons

Here, we will have our charts to compare this industrious beaver to other Normal and Water types both current and future:

Normal Types:

Pokemon Type Max CP Attack Defense Stamina Original Generation
Bibarel Normal Water 1683 162 119 158 IV
Regigigas Normal 4955 315 231 220 IV
Slaking Normal 4548 290 183 273 III
Porygon-Z Normal 3072 264 153 170 IV
Arceus Normal 4598 262 262 240 IV
Blissey Normal 3219 129 229 510 II
Chansey Normal 1469 60 176 500 I
Snorlax Normal 3355 190 190 320 I
Meloetta Normal Psychic 3950 250 250 200 V
Bewear Normal Fighting 3087 226 150 240 VII
Ursaring Normal 2760 236 144 180 II
Pyroar Normal Fire 2604 221 152 172 VI
Staraptor Normal Flying 2675 234 145 170 IV
Braviary Normal Flying 2923 232 152 200 V

Water Types:

Pokemon Type Max CP Attack Defense Stamina Original Generation
Bibarel Normal Water 1683 162 119 158 IV
Kyogre Water 4074 270 251 182 III
Palkia Water Dragon 4559 308 247 180 IV
Keldeo Water Fighting 3468 260 192 182 V
Volcanion Fire Water 3460 252 231 160 VI
Sharpedo Water Dark 1986 243 83 140 III
Gyarados Water Flying 3281 237 197 190 I
Vaporeon Water 3157 205 177 260 I
Manaphy Water 3090 210 210 200 IV
Primarina Water Fairy 3095 232 215 160 VII
Cloyster Water Ice 2475 186 323 100 II
Wailord Water 2258 175 87 340 III

Bibarel Potential Moves

These are the moves that Bibarel can possibly have, basing it on what moves it learns in the main series through various means, such as leveling up, TMs/HMs, Tutors, etc. Bold will indicate STAB (Same Type Attack Bonus).

Fast Moves Charged Moves
Waterfall Water Swift Normal
Mud-Slap Ground Dig Ground
Water Gun Water Scald Water
Surf Water
Tackle Normal Grass Knot Grass
Aqua Jet Water
Hidden Power Hyper Beam Normal
Hyper Fang Normal
Cut Normal Bulldoze Ground
Thunderbolt Electric
Rock Smash Fighting Thunder Electric
Charge Beam Electric Shadow Ball Ghost
Crunch Dark
Yawn Normal We can almost guarantee this will not be a thing, but it does learn it. Last Resort Normal High doubt here, since Eevee got it exclusively and it is a Move Tutor for Bibarel.
Take Down Normal Aqua Tail Water
Blizzard Ice
Quick Attack Normal Water Pulse Water
Icy Wind Ice
Iron Tail Steel Ice Beam Ice

Bibarel in the Meta

While is is nice to see the unique typings that Generation 4 brought to the table, with the likes of Empoleon, the continuation of the Swinub line with Mamoswine, Rotom, Snover, and Torterra, it does not mean it is always a useful type combination, or that it is effective for that certain Pokémon. Take Bibarel, it is just mediocre all around.

In the main series, it could work some gimmicks in battle with some abilities it had at its disposal, such as the stat boosting ability Simple, as well as being a Hidden Machine slave so that you did not have to load your other, more useful party members up with moves that were required to progress in the game.

However, as neither of these are even considerations in Pokémon GO, it will be prime evolution fodder at best. Simply put not every single Pokémon that may come to GO will be useful, as unfortunately the battlling just does not have the complicated intricacies that the source games had, so even some Pokémon that could be gimmicks and situationally useful in those games, are entirely useless battling wise in GO.

As you can see above, Bibarel does not have the stats to back up any of its moves, and even then its available movepool is lackluster. A bad sign for a Water type is when that Pokémon does not have access to Hydro Pump. Surf is manageable with some other Pokémon, but not Bibarel.

Best case scenario, Bibarel is a throwaway attacker or gym defender that you transfer after use, or is the product of a mass evolution spree.

Weather Influences

Weather Pro-Bibarel Pro-Attacker
Sunny Boosts Super Effective Grass attacks
Partly Cloudy Boosts Potential STAB Normal moves
Cloudy Boosts Super Effective Fighting attacks
Rainy Boosts Potential STAB Water moves Boosts Super Effective Electric attacks

Shiny Bibarel

Shiny Bibarel follows along with Bidoof, making the normal Brown appear a bit more golden, and having the Black accents on its mouth, tail, and feet becoming purple-ish.

Regular Bibarel Shiny Bibarel

Bibarel Pokédex and Fun Facts

  • There is currently no other Pokémon that has a typing like Bibarel: Normal Water.
  • Pearl entry: “While its movements out of water are sluggish, it can swim as fast as any Feebas.”
  • Alpha Sapphire Entry: “It makes its nest by damming streams with bark and mud. It is known as an industrious worker.”

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Bibarel is most likely going to be a mass evolution 'mon that will not see the spotlight in any battles. Its best scenario, unlikely as it may be, is a throwaway gym defender that someone can toss in, forget about, and then transfer once done. It is a shame too, to have come from Lord Bidoof himself and to be so bland. Bibarel