Pokémon GO Monferno is a Fire and Fighting type Pokémon, which evolves from Chimchar and into Infernape. As a minimum it will likely require 100 candy to evolve, in line with almost all other 2nd to 3rd stage evolutions.

Monferno has a MAX CP of 1415, with an ATK of 158, DEF of 105 and STA of 108, meaning it is not a meta-relevant Pokémon, but rather a collectible with the potential for evolving later. With Monferno being an evolved form of a ‘starter’ Pokémon however, it may be quite rare, so it would be advisable to use Pinap berries on each one you encounter to help you gain the 100 candies you’ll need to fully evolve it into Infernape.

Buddy Distance and egg group

Monferno’s expected Buddy distance is 3km in line with all other starter Pokémon families, however, there will likely be rarer and more meta-relevant Pokémon whose candy will be much more valuable, so be sure to weigh this up before choosing your Buddy. Monferno will is not hatchable from eggs.

Weather Boost

As a Fire and Fighting type, Monferno can receive a weather boost from both Sunny and Cloudy weather. Any Monferno with a CP of 1214 or over will have been boosted beyond level 30 by the weather and has a maximum capture CP of 1314 when boosted.

Raid Boss Potential

Monferno could well be a Raid Boss at some point in the future. All of the Gen 1 starters and their evolutions have been Raid Bosses, as have the Gen 2 starters’ second stage evolutions and one of the Gen 3 starter’s second stage evolutions, so it is quite possible that all starter evolution families will eventually get their turn in the Raid spotlight.

The maximum Raid capture CP for Monferno (if it does become a raid boss) would be 808, or 1011 if weather boosted.

Monferno evolution family

Chimchar Fire  ⇒ 25 Candy ⇒ Monferno FireFighting
Monferno FireFighting ⇒ 100 Candy ⇒ Infernape FireFighting

For an overview of Monferno’s first stage evolution and its fully evolved form, please view the following guides:

Shiny Monferno

Shiny Monferno is noticeably different in colour to normal; its fur is pink instead of the standard orange. The blue ‘mask’ around its eyes also changes to purple.

Normal Shiny

Pokédex Entries and Facts

Monferno’s Pokédex entries from various games explain some of its fighting strategies:

  • To intimidate attackers, it stretches the fire on its tail to make itself appear bigger.
  • It uses ceilings and walls to launch aerial attacks. Its fiery tail is but one weapon.
  • It skillfully controls the intensity of the fire on its tail to keep its foes at an ideal distance.

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