Pokemon GO Turtwig is a Grass type originally found in the Sinnoh Region. Turtwig evolves into Grotle for 25 Candy, and Grotle evolves into Torterra for 100 Candy.

Turtwig has excellently rounded stats which allow him to reach 1066 Max CP, which is higher than any Gen 1-3 Grass starter Pokemon. In fact, the entire Turtwig evolution line has well rounded, almost equal, stats.

Turtwig buddy distance is expected to be 3KM, similar to starter Pokemon from other Generations. We expect that Turtwig will be hatchable from 5KM eggs, with a maximum Egg CP of 609.

You can find detailed statistical data about Turtwig on our database site: Turtwig DB entry.

Weather effects

As a Grass type, Turtwig is boosted by Sunny weather and encounterable up to level 35 in the wild. If you come across a boosted Turtwig, pay attention to it’s CP. Here are the minimal and maximal values at Level 35:

  • Min: 776
  • Max: 990

Family overview

Turtwig evolution line is pretty straightforward and is not expected to require any special evolution items / mechanisms:

Turtwig Grass  ⇒ 25 Candy ⇒ Grotle Grass
Grotle Grass ⇒ 100 Candy ⇒ Torterra GrassGround

Shiny Turtwig

Shiny Turtwig is noticeably different in color to normal: with green skin changing to teal and brown details being taken over by green.

Normal Shiny

Pokedex entries and fun facts

  • Made from soil, the shell on its back hardens when it drinks water. It lives along lakes.
  • The shell on its back is made of soil. On a very healthy Turtwig, the shell should feel moist.
  • Turtwig was the second Pokemon Ash caught in the Sinnoh Region (source)

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