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AR Plus mode has been discovered in the 0.87.5 APK mine, hinting at a new Augmented Reality mode with special catch mechanics. This page details everything we know about the upcoming AR Plus mode:

  • Awareness, proximity and movement
  • Nanab Berries during the encounter
  • AR Plus encounter Bonuses

What is AR Plus?

AR Plus is an upcoming game mode for Pokemon GO that enables you to catch Pokemon in AR by sneaking up and following their movement in the real world. It’s powered by AR Kit on iOS and AR Core on Android. AR Plus features several interesting mechanics:

  • Awareness – indicates how aware a Pokemon is of your presence. Less is better.
  • Proximity – the closer you get to a Pokemon, the likely it is you will scare it and it will flee.
  • Jumping – Pokemon can jump from bushes, jump away from you and jump away a certain distance

In a nutshell, you need to approach Pokemon without them getting aware. In addition, there special “thresholds” that can’t be broken during the encounter or the Pokemon flees. The following image displays icons that are used for AR Plus tutorial:

The text behind these steps:

  • Tutorial step 0
    • “Look around an open area with your device until it recognizes a flat surface.”
  • Tutorial step 1
    • “Tap the tall grass to find a Pokémon. “
  • Tutorial step 2
    • “Approach the Pokémon slowly. You’ll get bonus rewards if you catch it!”

AR Plus thresholds

The following thresholds were data mined during our 0.87.5 data mine but were not discussed in the main post for the sake of brevity. Without further ado, here are all the AR Plus thresholds we’ve found.

  • Close proximity threshold – you are not allowed to get too close to the Pokemon you’re pursuing
  • Awareness Flee threshold – the Pokemon will flee if its awareness goes over a particular level.
  • Low awareness, high awareness and awareness penalty thresholds – likely relate to increasing / lowering the difficulty of capturing the Pokemon during the AR Plus encounter
  • Instant frighten threshold – as soon as this is reached, all of your AR Plus encounter attempts are used and the Pokemon is gone
  • Look at player awareness threshold – you can’t be seen directly for too long, otherwise the Pokemon flees
  • Proximity approach per second threshold – if you move faster than an allowed limit during the encounter, the Pokemon you’re pursuing flees
  • Turn speed degree per second threshold – it seems like you won’t be allowed to turn your phone faster than a set number of degrees per second

Nanab Berry and AR Plus

A curious field was observed in the 0.87.5 APK, named “Nanab Berry Awareness modifier”. We have nothing more to share about this effect at the moment, but it’s almost guaranteed that Nanab Berries will reduce Pokemon’s movement during the AR Plus encounter.


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  1. Does this mean i can’t have it? Because when I try to turn on AR mode on my phone it says:” We’re not detecting your phone’ orientation. Would you like to turn off AR mode?”

  2. I just imagine all the hundreds pogo players who sneaking and crouching around through the big shopping center in my city 😀 Kinda lokking forward to see this silly image 😀 😀 😀

    • Yes.

      “It’s powered by AR Kit on iOS and AR Core on Android.”

      Availability on Android for AR Core is very limited to my understanding. So maybe not just gyroscope will be needed but the actual AR Core software.

  3. Could it be this will be used for certain legendary pokemon like Latios/Latias or even the mythical like Mew or Celebi? Otherwise i cant really see why this would be an easier way to catch pokemon as opposed to the normal way.

    • doubtful they’ll give any pokemon AR+ encounter exclusivity, as not all phones capable of running pokeGO have a gyroscope. otherwise those players are effectively shut out of such pokemon.
      but then again, many players are still yet to see their first EX raid…

    • Celebi and Mew will likely be in game events or live events.
      Like when you obtained them back in the old games.

    • That would be awesome but this seems more like a step towards true AR gaming experience. It’s not just a Pikachu facing you and jumping back and forth.

      As it is right now if you move, the pokemon’s distance is not affected and the pokemon is essentially floating in a fixed angle and orientation. Going back and forth appearing smaller or larger due to background and angles.

      This would actually mean the pokemon is there and is moving freely in a “predefined” space. Looking at you, looking elsewhere, as if it was actually in the wild.

      As for why use this instead of the usual, they are probably going to give extra bonuses to make it appealing. Hopefully one day it’ll be the one and only form to catch pokemon. Or battling then capturing, that’ll be nice too.

  4. lets be honest. I myself catch a lot mons on a daily basis, so do others. There is no way they will force it on every encounter. Probably few % of encounters will be triggered AR automaticaly. Like for instance if the mon is hiding actualy in the grass – it coulcd then have best IVs and it should be very hard to catch it and you need actual skills to obtain it, that would be something very cool.
    People without gyroscope will probably have to buy a new phone at this point.

  5. I hate AR mode and never use it. Will this decrees the pokeymon I can See/Catch? Or, will it be the same as it is, but just in my intraworld? In other words, will we be penalize for not using AR?

  6. Glad they’re taking our advice and working on an aspect of the game that the vast majority of players would rather not have in the first place. Keep up the good work! /s

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