With trading on our doorsteps, we must stop to ask ourselves, what are some valuable Pokémon that you should consider trading? There are the obvious ones, of course, but we are here to give you a definitive list of things that could be considered for trading.

Keep in mind that when you trade a Pokémon, it’s IVs (core stats) will be re-rolled for better or for worse, but you cannot get that Pokémon back once it has been traded.

Now, let’s jump into this.

Regional Pokémon

Oh, this is what we have all wanted trading for, sweet, sweet regionals. Niantic must have stock in airfare if they think people are going to travel the world to catch the several regional Pokémon.

We all know the regional Pokémon, but let’s take a quick look at them.

Yeah that is a lot of regional Pokémon, and all of these Pokémon are highly sought after. With events like Go Fest and the Dortmund safari zone among other events and just normal people travelling, many have gotten their hands, or will be getting their hands, on these regionals. If you have a sought after regional, you can be sure to get something good for it- or if you want to be kind, just give them out to your friends.


Oh Unown, whether you do not have any, or just do not have all the different letters, people like to collect these Pokémon. They are featured at many events, but a good lot of people still have not been able to get their hands on a single one of these strange letter Pokémon.

So, if you are filling your dex, or filling or alphabet, these are a good Pokémon to trade.


This is a given. People like legendaries, though with the birds being in the research boxes, many have gotten the birds registered in their Pokedex (and a lot of them), and are speculating the Legendary Beasts of gen 2 to be coming up next. However, what you can do, though risky, is trade your lower IV Legendaries to a friend, hoping that the IV re-roll will treat them well, and they will get a better legendary.

Or, if you have an astounding amount of legendaries, you can trade a few to a friend (all that stardust… you better be best friends) to prep for upcoming legendaries, or just to help your friend build a better team. Some of the best legendaries include; Mewtwo, Kyogre, or Raikou. All are amazing Pokémon, and some are even better all-around attackers and great stardust and candy investment.

Pokémon with Exclusive or Legacy Moves

Your legacy move set Pokémon might just be that incentive needed to get you that Unown from your stingy friend. With Community Day being a thing, lots of Pokémon have gained some special moves, some not amazing (Ampharos with Dragon Pulse) and some are fantastic (Tyranitar with Smack Down).

A full list of amazing Pokémon with legacy moves can be found here: Pokemon Legacy Moves to Keep. Especially that Shadow Claw Gengar, good stuff there. For other reference, a full list of Community Day Pokémon and their exclusive moves can be found here: Community Day List.

Event Pokemon

Now, there have not been a lot of event Pokémon but a few in particular stand out as definite event Pokémon.

Pokemon GO DelibirdDelibird

That’s right. Many have forgotten about the Christmas time, present giving bird, but those who have joined the game after Christmas definitely notice the burning hole in their Pokedex. Do someone a favor. Give them a Delibird.

Other event Pokémon include the event hat Pikachu and Pichu. Santa hat, Witch hat, Ash hat, Party hat… so many Pikachu to choose from! If your friends missed the hat Pikachu events, and you have a few left over, those could be nice to give away, or haggle for. Especially if you TMed ‘Surf’ onto them during the first Community Day.

You can also argue that Alolan Exeggutor was an event Pokémon, but with its very possible and upcoming re-release in the eggs gifted by friends, it is possible the even newer players will get their hands on some Alolan Exeggutor, and other Alolan Pokémon, soon.

Meta Relevant Pokémon

Want to make your raid group the best it can be, but you might need to share a few Pokémon to do it? Well look no further. There are some amazing Pokémon out there that are not legendaries, or regionals, and some people have a lot of them. This is also their change to roll a better IV. You have that 54% Dragonite? Trade it to a friend, and it is possible they might get a better Dragonite than you had before, especially if you have a high friendship level.

So what are a few Pokémon that are the most meta relevant? Pokémon like:

There is very long list of Pokémon listed here: Best Meta Relevant Pokémon of Each Type would also be a great read if you are looking for your best options. This list includes both legendaries and non-legendaries, but overall, is pure meta.

Shiny Pokémon

Do you have a truce with a friend that one of your several shiny Magikarp will go to them in return for something? Well, now you actually have to live up to that promise. Players who have been extremely lucky in shiny events (not me) now have the opportunity to trade with other lucky friends to get a wider variety of shiny Pokémon. Maybe you really wanted that shiny Makuhita and your friend got that, while you managed to stumble across a shiny Meditite. Perhaps you can strike a deal and get that shiny Makuhita anyway!

This can help the shinies as well, because most people have very bad shinies IV wise, and trading them away gives your friend the opportunity of a higher IV shiny Pokémon.

Be a Kind Friend

There are Pokémon that fall under the, “Hey my friend/sibling really needs this Pokémon for their Dex…” and that is good too. My sister has a rainy form Castform with my name on it, for example. Being kind and giving away Pokémon someone needs, whether meta relevant, or shiny, or not is a kind thing to do, and can make for a happy friend. In return you may get some things you need. Those random, dex holes or form differences that you just cannot seem to find for the life of you can be just a trade away.

Final Notes

So, there we have it, a full breakdown of things worth trading. Make sure you are not getting ripped off, and do not trade away anything you really love and treasure, as you will not be able to get it back. Trade for things you like and want, and that will benefit you and your raid group. Make lots of friends, get those dexes filled, and have fun!!