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Research Tasks are tied to a particular PokeStop on a daily basis. PokeStops give out the same field research task per day to all players and you can’t complete the exact same quest twice. Resets at 00:00 local time, not UTC.

About Field Research encounters and their mechanics

If your Research reward is a Field Research encounter, be aware you will be catching a Level 15 Pokemon with same minimum IV values as Raid Bosses / Egg hatches (10/10/10).

  • Field Research encounters are not boosted by weather but they can be shiny, if the encountered specie can be shiny – there are reports of shiny Bulbasaurs and Magikarps left and right.
  • Pokemon caught via Field Research encounters don’t have a location.

About throws and Research Tasks

  • Throws count regardless of the outcome of the encounter. If the Pokemon flees, you still get the benefits
  • Great throws count as Nice throws
  • Excellent throws count as both Great and Nice throws

About raids and Research Tasks

  • Wiping / timing out in a raid counts towards completing a raid for your Field Research. In other words, you can complete Raid quests by losing/timing out multiple times to a boss with only your free Raid Pass.

General Research tasks tips

  • You can have duplicate tasks, this is not unusual
  • You can delay picking up rewards to get a future day stamp after midnight
  • Actions can count towards multiple tasks, this is not unusual
  • Battle in a gym is not the same thing as complete a raid
  • “Hatches don’t count towards catches” – aka hatching a Pokemon doesn’t count towards your catch quests
  • Evolving doesn’t count towards your catch quests
  • Catching a higher stage evolution counts towards quests that require a lower stage evolution

Things that don’t do something that you’d expect them to do

  • You can’t get a task if your bag is full (weird, we know)
  • Gyms don’t give Field Research missions, only PokeStops do
  • Completing a Special Research task doesn’t count towards your daily research Stamp

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