Genesect Special Research

Best Genesect counters are strong Fire Types, such as Chandelure, Reshiram, Darmanitan, Moltres, Charizard, Heatran, Blaziken and others. Genesect is double weak to Fire Type moves. Genesect is boosted by Rainy and Snow weather. Genesect perfect CPs from raids are:

  • 1916 CP for a regular encounter (Level 20)
  • 2395 CP for a weather boosted encounter (Level 25, Rainy and Snow )

Since Genesect has attack heavy stats it should be fairly easy duo with the right counters. A worst case scenario is a really easy trio for lower lever trainers or without the perfect counters. That being said, our recommendation is that you have 2 – 3 high level trainers for Genesect raids. For groups larger than 5, consider splitting into smaller groups for better raid rewards.

Genesect is transferable but not tradable. Genesect is a Bug and Steel-type Mythical Pokémon that was introduced in Generation V. Genesect is a Tier 5 Raid Boss with 47836 CP.



Genesect Raid Counters

Our Genesect counters are solely derived from simulations run on the Go Hub Simulator. Simulations are always run with level 30 Pokémon against a Tier 5 raid boss, averaging all movesets and simulating lag and rejoining. Results will vary with different movesets. Results contain some unreleased Pokémon.

# Pokemon Fast Move Charge Move Time to win Deaths
1. Charizard (Mega Y) Fire Spin Blast Burn 307.55s 5.50
2. Charizard (Mega X) Fire Spin Blast Burn 353.55s 7.00
3. Reshiram Fire Fang Overheat 365.07s 6.50
4. Houndoom (Mega) Fire Fang Flamethrower 368.10s 9.83
5. Chandelure Fire Spin Overheat 384.28s 10.00
6. Darmanitan Fire Fang Overheat 378.09s 11.00
7. Moltres Fire Spin Overheat 404.12s 8.00
8. Darmanitan (Standard) Fire Fang Overheat 381.49s 11.33
9. Entei Fire Fang Overheat 413.92s 8.00
10. Blaziken Fire Spin Blast Burn 400.67s 10.50
11. Heatran Fire Spin Flamethrower 430.28s 7.50
12. Charizard Fire Spin Blast Burn 429.65s 10.17
13. Flareon Fire Spin Overheat 419.00s 12.00
14. Infernape Fire Spin Blast Burn 434.23s 11.33
15. Ho-Oh Incinerate Fire Blast 475.10s 7.17
16. Typhlosion Incinerate Blast Burn 442.63s 11.67
17. Pyroar Fire Fang Overheat 444.81s 11.83
18. Pyroar (Female) Fire Fang Overheat 445.98s 12.00
19. Magmortar Fire Spin Fire Blast 453.79s 12.17
20. Victini Quick Attack V-Create 468.28s 10.00
21. Arcanine Fire Fang Flamethrower 464.89s 11.17
22. Delphox Fire Spin Flamethrower 471.30s 13.33
23. Salamence Fire Fang Fire Blast 485.00s 14.00
24. Houndoom Fire Fang Fire Blast 472.51s 16.50
25. Heatmor Fire Spin Flamethrower 517.36s 16.17
26. Simisear Fire Spin Flamethrower 516.59s 17.33
27. Rapidash Fire Spin Fire Blast 537.42s 15.83
28. Emboar Ember Flame Charge 575.07s 13.50
29. Camerupt Ember Overheat 553.51s 18.00
30. Mewtwo Psycho Cut Flamethrower 560.28s 20.60
31. Ninetales Fire Spin Overheat 592.31s 14.83
32. Talonflame Fire Spin Fire Blast 611.30s 15.50
33. Rampardos Smack Down Flamethrower 573.83s 28.80
34. Electivire Thunder Shock Flamethrower 644.91s 22.25
35. Groudon Mud Shot Fire Punch 635.98s 18.17

Basically just use Fire Fire Fire and you’ll do fine.

Moves breakdown

Genesect’s has access to the following moves:

Fast moves Charge moves
  • Fury Cutter Bug
  • Metal Claw Steel
  • Hyper Beam Normal
  • X-Scissor Bug
  • Magnet Bomb Steel

Both Bug and Steel Type moves are not very effective against Fire Type Pokémon so you have nothing to fear about from Genesect apart from hard hitting neutral Hyper Beam.

Weather Effects

Weather Pro Con
Sunny Boots Fire Type moves
Partly Cloudy Boosts Hyper Beam Normal
Snow Boosts Steel Type moves
Rainy Boosts Bug Type moves