GO Fest 2023 Mega Rayquaza Special Research (London and Osaka)

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Mega Rayquaza is debuting at Pokémon GO Fest 2023 London and Osaka! In order to unlock Mega Rayquaza, players need to obtain a Rayquaza with the special move called Dragon Ascent, as only Rayquaza that knows this move can Mega Evolve.

In order to obtain Rayquaza with Dragon Ascent, GO Fest 2023 visitors first need to obtain Meteorites, a new item that allows Rayquaza to learn Dragon Ascent. 

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Teach Rayquaza Dragon Ascent to Mega Evolve!

Unlike other Mega-Evolving Pokémon, Rayquaza can’t Mega Evolve with Mega Energy alone. Trainers hoping to Mega Evolve their Rayquaza will need to teach it the Charged Attack Dragon Ascent first!

Dragon Ascent

  • Flying-type move
  • Dragon Ascent can only be learned by using a new item: Meteorites!
  • Meteorites have been discovered in Pokémon GO, and it seems like they have some connection to Rayquaza—use one to help Rayquaza’s power ascend to new heights!
  • You’ll be able to use a Meteorite to teach the Charged Attack Dragon Ascent to Rayquaza. You can collect Meteorites by completing certain research tasks during GO Fest 2023.

GO Fest 2023: Osaka / London City Sights Special Research

A set of event-exclusive Special Research will be available during the City Experience for ticket holders.

Stage 1/5

Task Reward
Spin 15 PokéStops or Gyms Incense icon 2× Incense
Use an Incense Poke Ball icon 23× Poke Ball
Give your Buddy 3 treats Nanab Berry icon 2× Nanab Berry
Stage Rewards
  • Hyper Potion icon 2× Hyper Potion
  • Poffin icon 2× Poffin
  • Revive icon 2× Revive

Stage 1/5

Task Reward
Power up Pokémon 10 times Max Revive icon 2× Max Revive
Use a supereffective Charge move Super Potion icon 2× Super Potion
Win a Mega Raid Hyper Potion icon 2× Hyper Potion
Stage Rewards
  • Max Potion icon 2× Max Potion
  • Super Incubator icon 2× Super Incubator
  • Max Revive icon 2× Max Revive

Stage 3/5

Task Reward
Hatch 2 Eggs Stardust icon 2023× Stardust
Complete 3 Field Research tasks Poke Ball icon 23× Poke Ball
Walk 1 km Hyper Potion icon 2× Hyper Potion
Stage Rewards
  • Raid Pass icon 2× Raid Pass
  • Golden Razz Berry icon 2× Golden Razz Berry
  • Meteorite icon 1× Meteorite

Stage 4/5

Task Reward
Win 1 Raids Mega Energy icon 100× Rayquaza Mega Energy
Use 5 Berries to help catch Pokémon Poke Ball icon 23× Poke Ball
Warn 384 Stardust Mega Energy icon 150× Rayquaza Mega Energy
Stage Rewards
  • Stardust icon 2023× Stardust
  • Mega Energy icon 150× Rayquaza Mega Energy
  • Rare Candy icon 2× Rare Candy

Stage 5/5

Task Reward
Mega Evolve Rayquaza Candy icon 25× Rayquaza Candy
Battle in a raid with your Buddy Star Piece icon 2× Star Piece
Power up 10 Dragon-type Pokémon Lure icon 2× Lure
Stage Rewards
  • XL Candy icon 20× Rayquaza XL Candy
  • Meteorite icon 1× Meteorite
  • Rare XL Candy icon 2× Rare XL Candy

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