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The time has come, the first experimental Legendary Lunch Hour is coming soon! This is truly a wild card, as Niantic has said it is a test and they will tweak it for future occurrences. For what information is known now though, this guide will have all the details that will help make the hour the best it can be!

Legendary Lunch Hour Times and Details

March Legendary Lunch Hour
Event Date/Time
  • March 13th (Local Time Zone)
  • 12 p.m. – 1 p.m. (Local Time Zone)
Featured Pokemon and/or Bosses Tier 5 Legendaries (Dialga)
Relevant Guides
Extra Details
  • Eggs will spawn at 11:50 a.m. with a 10-minute timer,
    lasting for one hour thereafter
  • Eggs will only spawn on free gyms (gyms that have no raid or egg in on top at 11:50 a.m.)

For your viewing and sharing pleasure as well, we have this simple graphic to illustrate this:

Legendary Lunch Hour

Tips and Tricks

You only have one hour for this event and, potentially, a great portion of that time is going to be spent catching Dialga (assuming you are not just raiding for the XP and items), as well as sitting through the 2-minute lobby timer each raid. As a result, there is a sense of urgency to the event. The event will go as fast as your regular work lunch break seems to, so taking the aforementioned into consideration, it is this author’s recommendation to keep the following tips in mind:

  • Plan your spot prior to the event, focusing on a large number of gyms with a short distance between them.
  • Planning a route and mapping it out will be beneficial for your raid group, as it ensures there is no confusion on which gym to go to, and leads to the greatest number of raids that can be done.
  • There is strength in numbers. Large groups of Trainers with high levels and good counters can make short work of any boss, as well as carve out the extra time needed to fit in additional raids.
  • Catching will be the most time-consuming part, assuming you intend to catch Dialga. In this case, it is best to use berries like the Silver Pinaps and Golden Razz Berries so that each throw has the best chance to catch. Additionally, throw curve balls. Set the throwing circle to the great or excellent range and wait for Dialga to attack before throwing so it does not bat away any balls.
  • That being said, catching is not entirely recommended, as it can be a time-consuming task, and time is against you. Some raiders, in fact, do not catch while on a dedicated train. They simply finish the raid and go to the next one, skipping the catch sequence altogether.
  • Realistically, the best case scenario for Dialga raids is completing, roughly, 10 for the hour. This educated guess is taking into account the 2-minute lobby timer, the raid itself taking around 1 minute, with a large number of players, and an average traveling/ready-up time of 3 minutes. This is not factoring in catching time and can vary depending on gym density, the number of people in the raid, and potential glitches and bugs that occur at the start of these events.
  • Pack a lunch for yourself, there won’t be any time to grab take out when you are grinding raids.  😛


Dialga is the featured legendary for the lunch hour, and thankfully there has been plenty of battling it in the weeks prior, so Trainers should know the drill of how to beat Dialga:

  • Use lots of Machamp, Groudon, Breloom, and the other strong Fighting and Ground types in the game. Cloudy weather will boost the Fighting-types, and Sunny will boost the Ground-types.
  • Dialga can be taken out with a minimum of 2 players assuming they have Cloudy weather and friendship boosts. Ideally, concentrate your efforts with 6 or more Trainers to ensure a win every time, along with said win being quick. As stated prior, you only have one hour and have to be as quick as possible, so make your raid groups large.
  • For in-depth guides, we have the full raid guide and the heat map linked here and above, which will cover any secondary counters that you may need.
  • A perfect unboosted Dialga is 2307 CP, while a Dialga boosted by Windy or Snowy weather is 2884 CP.

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