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Best Pokemon to use versus a Dialga raid boss

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Best Dialga counters in Pokémon GO are strong Fighting and Ground types like Lucario, Conkeldurr, Machamp, Groudon, Excadrill and Landorus (Therian). Dialga is a Tier 5 Legendary Raid Boss in Pokémon GO (53394 Combat Power).

Dialga can have the following CP values when caught in the post-raid capture encounter:

  • 2217 – 2307 CP in normal weather conditions
  • 2771 – 2884 CP  in Windy and Snow weather for weather boosts.

Dialga can be beaten 3-6 high-level players or 7-9 lower level players.

Best Dialga Counters

The following Pokémon are considered to be best Dialga counters in Pokémon GO. The methodology is up to the discretion of the author, typically blending a focus on both time to win and survivability.

# Pokemon Fast Move Charge Move Time to win Deaths
1. Lucario Counter Fighting Aura Sphere Fighting 609.48s 24.83
2. Conkeldurr Counter Fighting Dynamic Punch Fighting 654.80s 28.00
3. Groudon Mud Shot Ground Earthquake Ground 708.61s 20.33
4. Landorus (Therian) Mud Shot Ground Earthquake Ground 682.79s 27.00
5. Excadrill Mud-Slap Ground Earthquake Ground 710.46s 20.50
6. Landorus Mud Shot Ground Earth Power Ground 727.88s 27.17
7. Meloetta (Pirouette) Low Kick Fighting Close Combat Fighting 732.49s 26.50
8. Blaziken Counter Fighting Focus Blast Fighting 733.03s 26.75
9. Landorus (Incarnate) Mud Shot Ground Earth Power Ground 731.27s 27.17
10. Rhyperior Mud-Slap Ground Earthquake Ground 740.46s 24.83
11. Machamp Counter Fighting Dynamic Punch Fighting 704.15s 33.67
12. Garchomp Mud Shot Ground Earth Power Ground 740.48s 24.00
13. Pheromosa Low Kick Fighting Focus Blast Fighting 653.38s 46.50
14. Buzzwole Counter Fighting Superpower Fighting 746.94s 26.50
15. Breloom Counter Fighting Dynamic Punch Fighting 699.18s 39.00
16. Hariyama Counter Fighting Dynamic Punch Fighting 739.45s 31.67
17. Haxorus Counter Fighting Earthquake Ground 761.17s 30.50
18. Emboar Low Kick Fighting Focus Blast Fighting 783.19s 26.75
19. Terrakion Zen Headbutt Psychic Sacred Sword Fighting 753.58s 34.17
20. Golurk Mud-Slap Ground Earth Power Ground 790.38s 27.25
21. Sirfetch'd Counter Fighting Close Combat Fighting 765.81s 37.20
22. Rhydon Mud-Slap Ground Earthquake Ground 805.59s 26.25
23. Bewear Low Kick Fighting Superpower Fighting 794.77s 31.17
24. Toxicroak Counter Fighting Dynamic Punch Fighting 771.73s 39.80
25. Mamoswine Mud-Slap Ground Bulldoze Ground 803.38s 25.33
26. Alakazam Counter Fighting Focus Blast Fighting 775.89s 35.50
27. Donphan Mud-Slap Ground Earthquake Ground 831.25s 26.80
28. Sawk Low Kick Fighting Focus Blast Fighting 796.48s 35.50
29. Golem Mud-Slap Ground Earthquake Ground 829.27s 24.50
30. Heracross Counter Fighting Close Combat Fighting 809.76s 36.33
31. Swampert Mud Shot Ground Earthquake Ground 908.08s 31.00
32. Virizion Quick Attack Normal Sacred Sword Fighting 883.79s 29.00
33. Zamazenta (Hero) Snarl Dark Close Combat Fighting 912.28s 30.50
34. Chesnaught Low Kick Fighting Superpower Fighting 903.46s 33.00
35. Yveltal Snarl Dark Focus Blast Fighting 922.95s 31.00

Dialga Moveset Analysis

Fast Moves Charge Moves
  • Dragon Breath Dragon
  • Metal Claw Steel
  • Draco Meteor Dragon
  • Iron Head Steel
  • Thunder Electric

Draco Meteor is Dialga’s hardest moveset. DM is a strong hitting move that benefits from STAB and deals neutral damage to all Fighting-type counters, with the real problem being its raw damage output. DM will probably one hit KO a Machamp and seriously hurt a Groudon or a Hariyama. There’s no going around this, DM is a difficult moveset and it will be a problem for smaller groups.

Iron Head is a Steel-typed move with two bars, which makes it an interesting move to raid against. Basically, every time before a raid boss can perform a charge move, it flips a coin to determine if it will be used. IH is a two bar move, which means two opportunities for Dialga to do a quick move instead, but it also makes the battle a bit more random. Usually the same difficulty as Thunder, but the added STAB bonus makes it a bit more threatening.

Thunder is Dialga’s lowest DPS move and there isn’t really a lot to worry about. Thunder is a one bar move with 100 damage and it’s the one you want in smaller groups. Counters like Groudon and Breloom will stay alive longer, deal more damage and save you a metric ton of potions.

Weather Effects

Dialga will be boosted by Snow and Windy weather while being more vulnerable in Sunny and Cloudy weather.

Weather Pro Con
Sunny Boosts Ground type attackers
Windy Allows a Level 25 Encounter from Weather Boost. Boosts Dialga’s Dragon Breath and Draco Meteor
Partly Cloudy
Cloudy Boosts Fighting attackers
Snow Allows a Level 25 Encounter from Weather Boost. Boosts Dialga’s Metal Claw and Iron Head
Rainy Boosts Dialga’s Thunder


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