Lunatone and Solrock Solo Raid Guide

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Lunatone and Solrock are Rock/Psychic type, Tier 3 raid bosses which reside in their specific regional areas, Solrock in the Americas and Africa, and Lunatone in Europe, Asia and Australia.

Solrock and Lunatone have the same raid boss CP of 15009 and their max capture CPs are as follows:

  • 1330 (100% level 20)
  • 1330 (100% level 25, boosted in Windy and Partly Cloudy weather)

Quick Facts at a Glance

  • This raid is not too difficult for anyone around level 30, with both Pokémon having a low base defense stat and a lot of weaknesses. You will want to use Bug, Grass, Dark, Ground, Steel, Ghost, and Water type Pokémon.
  • You should have Pokémon between level 25 and 30 to counter these raid bosses.
  • Difficulty: Medium

Solo Counters

With a lot of weaknesses, these Pokémon have a lot of different viable counters, so below we will list the best ones you can use.

Pokémon Fast Move Charge Move
Metagross Bullet Punch Steel Meteor Mash Steel
Kyogre Waterfall Water Hydro Pump Water
Gengar Lick Ghost Shadow Ball Ghost
Dialga Metal Claw Steel Iron Head Steel
Giratina (Origin) Shadow Claw Ghost Shadow Ball Ghost
Sceptile Fury Cutter Bug Frenzy Plant Grass
Roserade Razor Leaf Grass Grass Knot Grass
Feraligatr Waterfall Water Hydro Cannon Water
Weavile Feint Attack Dark Foul Play Dark

Lunatone and Solrock Move Sets

This is where the two raid bosses differ.

Solrock has access to the following moves:
Fast Charge
Rock Throw Rock Psychic Psychic
Confusion Psychic Solar Beam Grass
Rock Slide Rock

When using other Psychic types like Mewtwo, Exeggutor, and Metagross, Confusion and Psychic is the easiest move set to go up against, as your Psychic counters will resists the attacks while dishing out some damage. Otherwise Rock Throw is also a fairly easy fast move to go up against, though it attacks a little faster than Confusion. When up against Solar Beam, be sure to bench your Tyranitar, Vaporeon and Groudon, because they will not be as much help.

Meanwhile Lunatone has access to:
Fast Charge
Rock Throw Rock Psychic Psychic
Confusion Psychic Rock Slide Rock
Moonblast Fairy

Again, when using other Psychic types like Mewtwo, Exeggutor, and Metagross, Confusion and Psychic is the easiest move set to go up against. Rock Throw is still not awful to go up against, and you do not have to worry about Moonblast destroying any of your main counters, except for Tyranitar. Poor Tyranitar is a hit or miss in these raids. Otherwise Rock Slide on either of these Pokémon, though it will hit more frequently, being a 2-bar move, should not cause too much trouble.

Weather Influence in Battle

With all those weaknesses, there is a lot of beneficial weather, so let us let the table do the talking.

Weather Pros Cons
Sunny Boosts super effective Grass and Ground type moves Boosts Solrock’s Solar Beam
Partly Cloudy Boosts their Rock type moves
Cloudy Boosts Lunatone’s Moonblast
Windy Boosts their Psychic moves
Rainy Boosts super effective Bug and Water type moves
Fog Boosts super effective Dark and Ghost type moves
Snow Boosts super effective Steel type moves

Final Notes

These raids should be a fun addition to anyone’s Tier 3 solo résumé (unlike Shuckle, *grumble*), as well as a good dex entry for anyone unfortunate enough to not have one yet. Now is your chance!

Pay attention to the weather, because there is plenty of weather that will benefit you, and influence what types of Pokémon you use. Also pay attention to your recommended raid team, to determine what moves the raid boss may have, as that should also influence what Pokémon you use.

Make sure your Pokémon are up to par for battle! Level 25 to 30 counters are most suitable for this, anything higher is a bonus.

Good luck trainers, happy raiding!

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Solrock and Lunatone are not super exciting Pokémon, but they are a useful addition for Gym defense and offense, as well as solid second team Ho-Oh counters. Worth a raid pass.Lunatone and Solrock Solo Raid Guide