March Community Day #3 Guide: Bulbasaur


Table of contents
Event times in various regions
Bulbasaur catch rate and throwing tips
Recommended items for advanced players
Bulbasaur CP and IV chart in wild encounters
Shiny Bulbasaur family
Incense and GO Plus guide
General event tips and tricks

Community Day #3 is on its way, and there is no time like the present to start preparing for it. By now, we should all have a decent idea of what to expect and this one is going to be a “Bulbasaur bonanza!”. A shiny Bulbasaur is also expected to make an appearance during this Community Day event.

As was the case with Dratini Dragon, the special move was not announced for Bulbasaur Grass Poison at the time, however as of 1 PM PST March 16th, we know that Venusaur will recieve Frenzy Plant, a two-bar 100 power charged move. It could very well be something to redefine the Bulbasaur family’s place as the most useful Grass type in the game!

Event times in various regions

The third Community Day will take place on March 25th 2018 (the third Sunday in March) and it follows the previously established time slots:

  • The Asia-Pacific region: from 12:00 P.M. to 3:00 P.M. JST (GMT +9)
  • Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and India: from 10:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. UTC (GMT +0)
  • The Americas and Greenland: from 11:00 A.M. to 2:00 P.M. PST (GMT -8)

Bulbasaur catch rates and throwing tips

Bulbasaur’s base catch rate is 20%, same as Pikachu’s catch rate. This means Bulbasaur will be more difficult to catch than Dratini during the Community Day, despite most players having Gold Grass and Poison medals.

We prepared a table for common Bulbasaur catch scenarios. Assumes that you have double gold medals and that throws are curved:

Pokéball Throw Rate
Normal Nice 30% – 36%
Great 37% – 45%
Excellent 45% – 50%
Great Nice 41% – 49%
Great 50% – 59%
Excellent 60% – 65%
Ultra Nice 50% – 59%
Great 60% – 69%
Excellent 70% – 75%

Bulbasaur’s hit box is also quite small and often deceiving – it’s target reticle is smaller than Dratini’s and it’s quite challenging to land an excellent throw consistently. Given it’s distance and size, we suggest you practice mid-distance throws at targets with small circle radius — Rattata and similar targets.

Recommended items for advanced players

We recommend that you prepare for the event by stocking up on the following items to take full advantage of the event and maximize your XP gain as you journey towards level 40, and beyond! Also, make sure to check your local Weather Forecast for the 25th, Bulbasaur is boosted during Sunny and Cloudy weather.

Recommended items for advanced players
Lucky Egg Incense Lure Pokéball GO Plus
6x 6x 3x 250x 1x
  • Poke Balls – A large portion of your inventory should be dedicated Poke, Great and Ultra balls before the 25th to ensure you can spend the time catching.
  • Lures – Set these up at every stop in your favorite hunting location to increase the amount of spawns you find. Usually, triple Lure is the best option
  • Incense – Make sure to use your Incense to boost your chances of finding the elusive Gen I starter.
  • Lucky Eggs – Using this item will double your XP gain giving you 6x XP per catch!
  • Pokémon Go Plus – Use ’em if you got ’em to help you catch a bit faster, and track your steps more accurately for egg hatching while you’re out hunting. Keep in mind that this only uses basic Poke Balls; you will want to have a lot of them.

Now, with the recently introduced Community Day Box (at 480 Pokécoins), a lot of Pokémon Trainers will be able to make the most of these items. Here’s the break down:

Item Quantity Cost Savings
Incense (50 each) 6 300 47%
Lucky Egg (50 each) 6 300
Star Piece (50 each) 6 300
Ultra Ball (extra) 30
Total  48 900

Just one of these boxes will be able to last you the whole three hours of the event. Lucky Eggs to even further boost that triple XP from catching all of those (hopefully shiny!) Bulbasaur. Star Pieces to increase all of that stardust, and Incense to increase those encounter rates! The Ultra Balls are a nice touch, to make *sure* that any Shiny Bulbasaur are caught. It’s a nice touch to the event, but with the Eggstravaganza 2018 event currently going on, be sure to snatch these boxes up while you can, as they likely won’t last past tomorrow (for whenever your event ends in your respective time zone).

Bulbasaur CP and IV chart

The following chart depicts best and worst CP at level 1 through 35 for a level 30+ trainer and for that level Pokémon.  A huge thank you fries out to Dare for running the calculations for us all! To make things a little easier to remember, here are the maximum Bulbasaur CPs that can be found in the wild.

  • 841 CP – non weather boosted, 100% IV, level 30 Bulbasaur
  • 911 CP – Sunny or Cloudy weather, 100% IV, level 35 Bulbasaur
    • This is the best Bulbasaur you can find in the wild
Level Min CP Max CP
35  661 911
34  672 897
33  683 883
32  672 869
31  661 855
30  651 841
29  629 813
28  607 785
27  585 757
26  564 729
25  542 701
24  520 673
23  499 645
22  477 617
21  455 588
20  433 560
19  412 532
18  390 504
17  368 476
16  347 448
15  325 420
14  303 392
13  282 364
12  260 336
11  238 308
10  217 280
9  194 250
8  171 221
7  148 191
6  125 162
5  102 132
4  79 102
3  56 73
2  33 43
1 10 13

Due to popular demand, here’s a search string you can use to find perfect IV Bulbasaurs in your Pokémon storage:

Pokemon GO Incense Rural Area

Incense and GO Plus guide

We strongly suggest using Incense + GO Plus For the March Community day event. The event features triple catch experience, which (in our opinion) is the best part of this event.

We expect that players will get anywhere from 90 – 150 Bulbas during the event, depending on their throws and luck. Given how tricky Bulbasaur is to catch, you shouldn’t rely on Bulba XP for this event.

We suggest combining 6 Incense + GO Plus at all times to maximize your XP gain.

Shiny Bulbasaur family

Shiny Bulbasaur family has been discovered in the game’s network data, so we’re expecting a release. The sprites are from handheld games and are not 100% representative of how the actual 3D model in Pokémon GO would look. Once Pokémon GO sprites become available, we’ll update the table below.

Normal vs shiny Bulbasaur family
Bulbasaur Ivysaur Venusaur
Shiny Bulbasaur Pokémon GO Shiny Ivysaur Pokémon GO Shiny Venusaur Pokémon GO
Shiny Bulbasaur Pokemon GO

General event tips and tricks

  • Get to your favorite local catching spots early.
  • Be patient – there will be errors and bugs on the start of the event, don’t worry.
  • Ensure that you have Lures up the entire duration (Lures will last for three hours.)
  • Catch everything you see! The more you catch, the faster you will gain XP!
  • Use Incense to attract even more Pokémon to you while you’re out hunting.
  • Make sure that you keep your Lucky Eggs active the entire duration to maximize your XP!
  • Chat with your fellow Trainers and grow your local Pokémon Go community.
  • Promote the new Pokémon Go features and events to Trainers who are just starting their adventure or haven’t been playing for a while.
  • Most importantly, have fun!

Niantic released the results for Community Day 2, and Mystic dominated the map in nearly every corner of the world! Will they maintain this momentum or will they “Blast off at the speed of light”?

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